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Hello ladies!

Here is room for product recalls!
I have the cleankids app (android), I like it!



  • reply - 1: Babs_i says on 22.03.2013:

    Pumpkin, potato, fennel porridge
    Recall because of glass splitter

  • reply - 2: Babs_i says on 15.08.2013:

    Ikea bed
    Breakage and injury!

  • reply - 3: Attention! Hofer Lederpatscherl were called back because of mold infestation !!! : - ((
    Great, i can give it back right away!
  • reply - 4: Buzi where did you read this - have today bought extra which :-(
  • reply - 5: Fortunately, I was just at the cash register when the staff were contacted.
  • reply - 6: buzi, want to put in here too! habs read on the facebook page of hofer! was already there today and got some worried! I bring back immediately! :-(
  • reply - 7: Puhhhh and I want to buy some today !!!
    I'm just on the way GsD I've just looked in!

    Really a pity :-(

  • reply - 8: Question how a leather shoe can be affected by the mold but only if he was tanned bad right?
    Would you have to see something?
  • reply - 9: So the 4 I wanted to buy and opened at the cashier when I got the info sent by a friend, all 4 moldy. probably the charge has become damp.
  • reply - 10: Okay, I thought so. Do not try to bring my prey back

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