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Swimming and splashing

There are many coordination options in the water features that give your child a good body feeling. But it is important that it gets to know this medium without pressure. Some children love to keep their hands under water, others love overcoming them. Some love to splash while others prefer to paddle in it. Most children feel an enormous joy of movement in the water - in the water they can jump higher and land softer than on land. Others just do not like being wet all over. Find out what your child is like and take that as a starting point.

Of course, safety comes first. You certainly want to be in the water together with your child until the moment when it can swim alone. Most children learn this only at primary school age. Many swimming pools offer swimming lessons for toddlers with specially trained swimming instructors. If your child is interested, water wings or a life jacket provide security, but they are never a substitute for your presence. Always stay in the safe vicinity of a non-swimmer.

Tell your child about animals that live in the water and ask them to imitate them: The request "move your fins and wiggle your tail!" Has already shown many children a way through the water. But if it does not feel like it, then it is better not to push. If you give him the choice, it is more likely that it will love the water more as it gets older.

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