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Hello dear midwives & future mums,

my name is Tina, I'm 26 years old
lives in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

and looking for an expectant mother, who has her birth date in this city between 02. & 12. May and feels free to be accompanied by me and my camera at her birth

At the moment I am applying for a degree in Photojournalism in Hanover and my last application round is on "Aufbruch". I think there is no more exciting start than to start life.
In doing so, I imagine aesthetic and emotional black-and-white images of a birth. Of course I would handle the situation without lightning and with some respect.
(as an example like this here

I would very much support a previous meeting.

If an expectant mum or midwife feels addressed, please get in touch with me.

Love from

(A selection of photos are among others here & here to find


  • reply - 1: A pity, my mouse is now 10 months old, that would have been exactly for us. Did a "birthing photographer" here in Berlin searched but found nothing at that time ... Well, was anyway an emergency C-section, but do you have before you to make it self-employed? Would definitely book you for Numero doz :) whenever he is planned!
  • reply - 2:

    Yes, the search seems to be more difficult than expected.
    Although probably 34,000 children are born in Berlin every year.

    Do you have any idea who or where I could turn to find a suitable mum?

    So far, I have contacted birthplaces and midwives, but somehow nowhere are more births accompanied.

    So if Numero Doz is due, you can contact me!

    Nice, I also find a complete documentation, so every 4 weeks approximately.
    How you develop as a family in time, when suddenly someone comes along ..

    Faith to photograph only for birth, I would be too "one-sided".
    I am very curious and try to discover many different things in this world through photography.
    Maybe I discover even more special "favorite topics", but so far I like to document people of all kinds and unsorted.

    On "Birthphotographer" I found mostly from the USA many.
    Seems to have not become a "trend" here.
    Although I think that's a nice reminder, too.

    Love from!

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