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Our miracle Emma :)


Although I'm late, but now have time and desire to write down our birth story, even if I'm more of a silent Userin;)

ET was the 05.07. and I have been since 03.07. in the hospital for monitoring my blood pressure. From 05.07. was then tried various methods to get the whole thing going .. From the acupuncture, on movement Bishop to the flute cocktail .. Yes, the whole brought ... NIX;) I learned, however, many nice expectant -and in the 10 days of my "waiting "Mamis know :) the man of my room neighbor brought in the evening to watch the World Cup delicious vegan food, because he was afraid that his wife starved otherwise ^ ^

On 14.07. would start in the morning the introduction by means of the "chemiekeule" .. At 18 o'clock, the contractions start slowly, which surprised me an hour later in the 2 minute intervals .. I was brought into the nursery hall and deep 20 clock my partner that he to come to the KH.
At 20.30 he was there and I begged the midwife for a painkiller, because the pain was hardly bearable and I had the feeling to faint in every woe .. I had never expected such pain, I'm not ashamed in retrospect to have used the painkiller ..

At midnight, my cervix was 9cm open, but for me there was no end in sight, even if the feeling of space and time was lost anyway .. At 1:30 began the press labor, but Emma was stuck in the birth canal, I had to press hard twice, so the doctor was able to attach a sensor to monitor Emma's values ​​on her head .. These deteriorated so much that I had to squeeze another 2 times, made an episiotomy and she was born with the suction bell 2.34 clock with 3.420gram and 50cm. ,

I was so scared when her heartbeat was gone for a short time and we had to wait so long for the first cry that I started to cry terribly, even today I'm still shedding a tear when I get the long-awaited first cry and my pretty one to look at a living, joyful miracle <3

I would not have thought how good it is to write this experience down .. It was so unreal for me so far ..


  • reply - 1: Congratulations on your sugar sweet mouse ❤

  • reply - 2: Many thanks Happi :) <3
  • reply - 3: Congratulations ... Oh, I have to push you a little tears away ...;)
  • reply - 4: I have tears in my eyes :) luckily the little mouse is fit :)
  • reply - 5: Thank you very much :)

    I feel my writing just as fairly factual, but I can remember the birth partly as if I had been an outsider, I was like in a trance, have partly not even noticed who was in the room .. I was so " surprised by "the labor and said after birth that I find it sad that we are not seahorses and my partner takes over the next birth .. ^^ I felt the pain and the first condition of my baby very traumatic and told me that I do not want to have any more children .. But as many say, the happiness prevails and you forget the pain so fast .. I'm so happy about my little moth <3 she makes it very easy for us and is so very lucky friendly baby :)

    Still, I have to worry about a second baby again, because that fear that my baby might have died at birth is still so scary for me .. I love her so much and never want to lose her. But what's the use of being scared and clouding your own enjoyment? I hope we can spend many happy years as a family and we experience and enjoy each and every progress together and I wish you other mommies too :) I hope you got it :)

  • reply - 6: The little one is so cute :)

    Thye's birth was just like mine: /

  • reply - 7: Yes, you're right.
    I'm so happy to have the little one :)
    But the little worms are growing so fast now o_O

    Oh God really to cut the little one :)

    And such a beautiful belly!
    I also wish a second child, hopefully with a normal birth and that the child comes by itself.
    But look, the main thing is healthy and lively.

  • reply - 8: Congratulations!
    Very moving ♡

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