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BEL- spontaneous (vaginal) birth


Hello girls, I hope this thread does not exist, have not found anything that explicitly BEL only.

Are there among you Mommies whose babies (from the 34th ssw) are still in BEL?
if so who of you would like to try a spontaneous vaginal birth? Have you been to the special clinics? What did you learn? How did it end?

are there even those who spontaneously gave birth to BEL? Please share your experiences with us?

I would be very happy and I am sure that it will help many of us to have more courage to try it in the normal way.
today one is recommended directly a Ks, I think that's terrible!

look forward to your contributions,

best regards


  • reply - 1: It does not concern myself, but I already knew about it.
    During childbirth, the child turns anyway. That means that even if it was "right" before, it can turn unfavorably again.
    My gyn said that in BEL first, a spontaneous birth should be sought.
    Or you can already turn it from the outside. That made a well-known one last week. For that she drove extra to Hamburg.
    But that's what the hebis do during birth.
  • reply - 2: I think it's great. And I see as well as you. I'm almost 36th week and unfortunately I do not even know how my baby lies. She turns constantly. Since she is not a giant mops, I would definitely prefer a natural birth in BEL, as long as there are no risks, but unfortunately I have no clinic in the vicinity that offers. : (So I hope that she is in the skull until the birth.

    Find too often KS made / the birth is pathologized and find that both a mom and baby a pity. That women are more afraid of a natural birth than a belly op - I can not understand it ..

    Do you have a KH that gives birth spontaneously?

  • reply - 3: Had recently seen this, maybe it helps: :)
  • reply - 4: So I'm much more afraid of a Ks than of a natural birth and although the Ks has a predictable course.
    I find this helplessness scary.

    I hope that you both get into good hands and of course be allowed to deliver.

  • reply - 5: Thank you. :) I wish you the same.

    Oh, I believe you but know some women for whom a KS is self-evident and who do not mind or even want that. A caesarean section would be a shock for me, I think. Just to have the feeling, this birth experience was withheld. But yes, also the loss of control, the after-effects, and not least the stress for the child ..

    Afterwards I have a midwife appointment, I hope she can tell me how the little one is.

  • reply - 6: Am today 35 + 0 baby is bel: (I've first decided for the outer turn in NEN Top kh in Hamburg .... Who should not spark I make nen ks is too risky spontaneous ... am namely a nerve bunch .. and that he is wrong makes me already finished! 
  • reply - 7: Then you're pretty much as far as I am .. Can understand you, I would be nervous too. But it is also true that there is so scared stoked .. Outer turn, because you also hear mixed .. find that really difficult to decide what is best in the situation and wished that the doctors / kh would be patient-friendly advice .. but that does not seem to be expected;).
  • reply - 8: In which KH in Hamburg? I deliver in the UKE and there they do almost everything and are renowned. Apart from that, I hear more and more that there is a great emphasis on natural birth for a university hospital. That is not immediately KS just because it brings more plasticine.
  • reply - 9: Our well-known is also extra to Hamburg in the kh. Seems to be specialized.
    Good luck 
  • reply - 10: Yeah, I'll do it in uke ... the man who did that really made a great impression! Before talking to him, he had made a degree of success-rich turn only 30sec. It took a lot of courage and it has hands, I tell you 

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