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As soon as they are outside, the little cares and woes come!
Here you can exchange ideas and exchange tips and tricks about babys health!


  • reply - 1: My little mouse unfortunately suffers from abdominal pain she sometimes tortures herself badly. Massage her tummy and for every meal there is Sab Simplex unfortunately it does not work without it

  • reply - 2: My darling has swallowed at birth (water birth) phlegm. Because of the severe pain in the abdomen, he breathed very quickly and irregularly. Now he lies in the intensive care unit. The doctors had sucked him the night the mucus and I can now breastfeed him again. It's really awesome I hope he comes to my room soon, can't wait to cuddle with him 
  • reply - 3: My midwife thought that my little one has a crooked hip. I only have appointment for the U3 on 21.1.
    and I should call the pediatrician at the beginning of January. Maybe someone knows what would come up to us. The neck is also a bit crooked.
  • reply - 4: Our little mouse unfortunately too. Also use Sab Simplex - but only once a day first. Caraway seed and cumin anise for the tummy also brings something.
  • reply - 5: My stomach gets sick when I give him the vitamin D3 tablets. 2 days I have not given him and he had no ... do not know what to do ...
  • reply - 6: Maybe instead of the pills that give droplets. Many do not tolerate the tablets. Ask the pediatrician to prescribe the drops for you.
  • reply - 7: Yes, I will do then, but unfortunately have only on 7.1 NEN appointment U3 now they are on vacation, and I am 600 km away from home, all stupid 
  • reply - 8: Achsoo then I would leave the tablets now until the appointment.
    That's not bad for two weeks
  • reply - 9: Do you mean? I go out there often, although the sun does not shine but well ..
  • reply - 10: When the drops is important to know that you have to be extremely careful on the dosage. Since they are so easy to overdose and this can lead to kidney damage, it prescribes our pediatrician only in exceptional cases.

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