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  • reply - 1: Uh, what week are you in? And when was your last attack, how many times in total? And who has classified that as seizures?
  • reply - 2: Hello Jonjolante :) Thanks for your answer :) Am SSW 27 - 10 years ago in the morning had these Myoklonien - since the drug but nothing at all :)
  • reply - 3: Oh, then you are already quite far :-) And how many Myoklonien did you have at that time altogether?
    And who said that you should just stop taking the drug (Keppra or which?), Gyn or neuro? And most of all: why is this only now in the 27th SSW topic?
  • reply - 4: Yes
  • reply - 5: Please read this through here.


    As you can see, your medication is not a problem either in the SS or during lactation. Of course, it goes into breast milk, but the baby gets a low dose all the time. In general, you're taking a pretty small dose anyway (had a drug with the drug itself, which was many times higher). Especially then, if it gives you as a pregnant woman in addition to security, I personally would strongly advise against weaning - especially on no case by recommendation of the family doctor. They do not have specialist but beginner knowledge!

  • reply - 6: Thank you Jonjolante Your answer makes my worries much easier. I wish you all the best and a nice day
  • reply - 7: I turned 40 a week ago and have had epilepsy since 2001. I take Levetiracetam 500-0-1000. I had nightly Grand Mal series and complex focal seizures during the day. The last seizure was in January 2017. Now I am at 5 + 0. Yesterday the test was positive. Unfortunately, I did not find a gynecologist today who would sound, if everything is okay. Well, then next week. From my first pregnancy (2013/14) I know that I will respond to the hormones. Back then I had seizures like never before. In the end I was at a dosage of 1500-0-1500. But I know that it can work. Because our sunshine is a smart and bright child and despite 3 Grand Mal series in pregnancy.

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