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Cum comes out again


Hello my dears
Yes, I am embarrassed to ask such a thing but I am still very inexperienced in terms of sex.
As I said my friend and I plan en a child I noticed that I have my fertile days, I noticed this by the whitish discharge.
So my friend and I have tried again but 20 seconds it has come out and I wonder how can the sperm then reach the egg?
So as I said it is embarrassing myself to ask such a question: s
Nevertheless, thank you in advance :)


  • reply - 1: Lool
    sorry had to really laugh at the question: D
    Pinch your legs together and best store your pelvis

    but sometimes another question how old are you? If you have no previous experience, you seem to be very young

    then I would advise you to wait a bit with the child
    just a tip from me

    best regards

  • reply - 2: It keeps coming out, but not everything. Stay after the sex for 30 minutes and push a pillow under the po.
    But the other hope is right. Take your time and live out bisl first.
  • reply - 3: I see that differently. When you're ready for a kid, it does not matter if you're 20 or 30. Not everyone has the need to "let off steam". I am 27 years old, I got married 6 months ago and had almost no sexual experience until then. I've already asked that with the sperm! Am then in the first ÜZ then always mind 20 minutes with a cushion under the hip dagelegen. And I became pregnant at the same time (unfortunately a star child).
    Incidentally, during the fertile days the discharge becomes more transparent, the thinner, clearer, more fluid, the more fertile it is, the higher the fertility. Sometimes it looks like the egg whites of an egg.
  • reply - 4: Huhu I think the question is not necessarily stupid smile I had to :) but I'm sure that many have already asked that :) I can not say anything about the age because I've become with 15 mum
  • reply - 5: I'm almost 22 ^^
  • reply - 6: I did not mean that she should rumvögeln in world history.
  • reply - 7: So basically you can imagine that with the remaining sperm in the body. If you put down a bottle, connect a tube there, then fill it with water, then remove the tube, you will notice that the bottle is not completely emptied. Stupid example ... but something else I just did not come up with. Sorry :-)
  • reply - 8: Dear July,
    That shoots out with about 40-50 km / h or purely;) that brings it just ever quite a bit further. Then the tadpoles swim too and then yes it only needs "one" for the mature egg :)

    I also stayed behind after sex. Should allegedly help;)

  • reply - 9: 22 is a great age to have children! Then you are still young when the kids are big
    It is also enough 1 surviving strong sperm!
  • reply - 10: So I think that if it is really rausläuft running less quickly pregnant, is always put up this legs what you hear so but who can confirm that.? I had to smile while reading but it always happens to me ... Laugh ... Wish we also a 3, child but after this week it became a star child ...
    Now I have a little more respect!

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