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Which magnesium supplement?


Hello my dears,

Licking in the lower abdomen is quite strong lately and slowly it starts with cramps in the legs. My gynecologist said I should take Magnesium Tablets. He also told me which one, but did not write it down and I forgot ... What do you take?



  • reply - 1: Hello, So my gym prescribed Magnetrans 150 mg, 2xtg one. Help really good ...
  • reply - 2: I have the same as Flashback
  • reply - 3:

    Last SS had prescribed my doctor MagnesiumVerla me. Is it available as a powder for dissolving or as tablets. Should be good because not cheap.

    At the moment, I still take effervescent tablets because I have not been prescribed anything yet. But sometimes only when I notice cramping.

  • reply - 4: I had Lösnesium and still have a whole pack over
  • reply - 5: I also take magnesium Verla, but luckily have a friend who works in a pharmacy, because I get it cheaper; o)
  • reply - 6: I'll take that

    Magnesium ct 500 mg film-coated tablets

  • reply - 7: I got magnesiocard from the doctor. 20 effervescent tablets for 6,65 €.
    They helped a lot with my abdominal cramps and the pain I experienced in the 6th-8th grade. SSW through a hematoma in the uterus, have also gotten better.
    But in the end, it's not that important what you take. Magnesium NEVER harms! And if you say in the pharmacy that you are pregnant and what you have complaints, then you are also on the safe side.

    Greetings and all the best!

  • reply - 8: I also take MAGNESIUM VERLA (50 pcs = 9 €)!
    Do not I find so mega expensive?!?
    Pay attention to the fact that it is magnesium citrate and not magnesium carbonate (as in these tubes), because MG citrate penetrates into the cell and acts on the muscle, and MG carbonate does not penetrate into the organism at all immediately excreted via the kidneys CONCLUSION = The intake is superfluous !!!
  • reply - 9:

    @helpfinder, 500mg is not too much?
    At the time I had to take Magnesium Verla 300 mg as a powder (once a day) in the last third because of my foreshadows.
    The effervescent tablets that I sometimes take now have just 200 mg.

  • reply - 10: 300g is completely sufficient as a daily dose!

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