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Hello my dears,

I am really only a silent reader, but now I can just need some encouragement and help from you.
I went to my FA out of line last week because of my severe back pain and stretching pains, maybe getting something to relieve that. She then noticed a slight labor and wrote me first sick, so I rest a bit. I had to go back to the controls today. Then she noticed a WHITE SPOT in my baby's left ventricle. Of course, I did not know what it was, whether it was bad, what that means ...she left me totally in the dark and asked me if I was because of the fine diagnostics for neck pleats measurement ... and make sure that everything was alright. Immediately tears came into my eyes and I got scared !!! She then said that it does not have to mean anything and in most cases nothing bad, but she would rather send me again to the enemy diagnostics to clarify the matter.
Well, homecoming, of course, I then read the Internet smartly and discovered that a white spot is a soft marker for trisomy ... in my prenatal diagnosis was not a conspicuousness. Now I have to wait a week until I can diagnose and I'm a bit unsure. The bad, my friend much more and he is otherwise always the optimist with us :(
does anyone have similar experiences and can help me?


  • reply - 1: So our daughter also had white spots in organultraschall. At that time we did not have any neck pleats measurements or anything like that done. I was worried, too, but our gynecologist was in good spirits and gave me no cause for fear.
    A week later we had the appointment with a specialist and although Lotta did everything to show her heart, after 2 hours of sound it turned out that there are spots, but no further markers. That's why he was not worried. He said these are only small scars because the heart might have had a hole in the wall at the beginning or something like that. However, these scars fused completely until birth and our little one is in top shape. :)
    Do not be so unsettled. This is certainly nothing if everything was fine in prenatal diagnosis.
  • reply - 2: Hello, our daughter was last week in the Feindiagnostik also found a white spot. First of all, I started to panic ... not because of trisomy 21, but because it can generally be a marker for chromosome disorders.

    For me but because of history burdening, because I had to bring in November last year only my daughter in the 23 SSW quietly to the world. She suffered from triploidy and had all chromosomes in triplicate (so to speak trisomy of all genes). At that time a white spot and bilateral cervical cysts were discovered in the 13 weeks' gestation. However, it was not until the 20 weeks before her serious illness and that she is not viable.

    But: meanwhile I'm calmer again. Because the fine diagnostician said that if only a white spot is isolated isolated (without other falling readings, nose, amniotic fluid amount, other soft markers normal / unobtrusive), then a white spot is absolutely no worrying finding. That's why he's called soft marker ... can mean something, but does not have to. In my research, I've only read findings in which the white spot alone was nothing and the baby was healthy.

    Incidentally, my gynecologist says the same thing. So do not worry about it first and let it control.
    Often, the white spot grows in the 30 weeks, so we'll probably have it checked again.

  • reply - 3: My baby also has a so-called with spot. The doctor in the enemy diagnostics calmed me down. Yes, it is a marker that is also included but today for days knows msn that it can not be synonymous. Everything else with my baby was great. So due to my slitter and the spot probability of Trisomi was calculated to 1: 322 and without the Withe Spot it would be 1: 360 not so tragic now. An amniotic fluid puncture we have clearly rejected. I would not go crazy right now. The doctor said that usually disappears after birth. The doctor has informed us well, so I say clearly because everything is in order with our baby.
  • reply - 4: I thank you very much for your quick and reassuring answers. I am really a little bit disconcerted and worried, even though I was in favor of an adjusted risk of 1: 9138 for trisomy 21 after the fine diagnosis in the 14th week of pregnancy. But my doctor today has simply not been sensitive at all :( as she asked me if I was sure that everything was fine in the enemy diagnostics, has really made me ready ...
  • reply - 5: hey, hey,

    your fate with your previous pregnancy with your daughter touches me a lot and I admire you for your strength! Thank you for sharing your story with me / us !!! Were you with your daughter at that time also for enemy diagnostics? Because it was so late that she was seriously ill.

    I am very curious to see what my next week the fine diagnostician says. If he finds other markers ...? I dont know :(

  • reply - 6: It was during the normal screening in the 20 weeks, I would have had fine ultrasound for less than two weeks later appointment. At that time the femur and abdomen circumference were suddenly back and there was little amniotic fluid. Since we have been sent to the university hospital and advised to amniotic fluid examination. Then got second opinion (both DEGUM III doctors). It was definitely called chromosome disorder. After the amniocentesis the bad diagnosis Triploidie came and was not viable but here really many things fell in the normal ultrasound in the eye and z.b. Head and heart were timely and AU and Femur about 3-4 weeks back. There would have been no room for lung development in the ribcage. She had 150g at birth though she was 34cm tall.

    You already had a detailed investigation and if nothing has been noticed then it will only be the white spot. That happens really often. Most illnesses would have been seen or suspected during the ultrasound. Everything will be alright I am now trying to think positively for our little rainbow mouse. Such bad diagnoses as I had with Victoria Louisa are so rare in percentage terms, and if they are, these are usually very early miscarriages because the body realizes that something bad is wrong.

  • reply - 7: Oh dear, yes, then it was already obvious that something was wrong with her and she did not develop as it should. I send a very nice greeting to Victoria Louisa, a very nice name !!!
    And I wish you from the heart, that now everything goes well in this SSW.
    I thank you for your encouragement and hope now also very strong that everything is fine with us. Yes you are right, the good results of the first-trimester screening encourage and promise a lot of good, but the fear does not stop ...
  • reply - 8: Thank you, that's nice of you  

    It is normal that you are now unsettled and you are allowed to be. I had the fine ultrasound Saturday and have not been at war with the white spot since Monday. Must always first sank something. Keep your fingers crossed that your appointment for control is good and your fears disappear.

  • reply - 9: Such a thread I would have wished in my last pregnancy :-) At my daughter, the second screening also found a white spot. My gynecologist explained to me at the time that this may be a marker for trisomy 21 and offered me to refer to a fine diagnostician on. I did not do it then because a possible finding would not have changed anything for me. The Googeln on this topic, however, has me in the meantime also very unsure. My daughter is very healthy. The story is now three years ago and I hear more often that so what White spots are found. A case where the child really had trisomy 21 after finding a white spot does not exist in my environment. Do not try to think too much. That's the big disadvantage of ultrasound technology. Sometimes you just see too much sometimes, things that may have no meaning at all. I keep my fingers crossed that your little dwarf is healthy!
  • reply - 10: At my son in the enemy diagnostics 2 White spots were discovered and I had to second opinion the next day at the other specialist again to the FD. As the other members here confirm, I also confirm that if only the white spot is there without any further conspicuousness, then that is mostly meaningless.

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