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10.ssw no nausea?


Is it normal that you suddenly do not have that much nausea in the 10.ssw, is not that too early to fill up better, is it probably what's wrong?
please answer someone who knows that


  • reply - 1: I am only in the 9th but sometimes I have more and sometimes less signs. Sometimes dizziness vomiting. Think there is no schema x. Try to relax :-)
  • reply - 2: Thank you :)
  • reply - 3: ♡
  • reply - 4: SEE FROH !!!!!

    For me, it was only in the 20.ssw better

  • reply - 5: Do not stress me, it was like that and I was scared but everything is fine
    Rejoice that you are doing just fine
  • reply - 6: Then it gets better with you now. .that's great! May come again and again in case of stress but you do not have to worry about making any.
  • reply - 7: Rejoice that you are already feeling better. It started with me in the 8th week and stopped again in the 11th week. And I am now in the 29th Ssw and I am all well ^ ^ So everyone has their own rhythm. Do not worry ;-)
  • reply - 8: I had no nausea at all the pregnancy ... it was coincidence, but luckily ...
    On other mums you pack that ;-)

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