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Bleeding after examination


Hello mum and expectant mum, I am in the 34th ssw and had yesterday morning a vaginal examination with my gynecologist. I had pain during the examination, I was bleeding and it was not a droplet. Since then I'm still bleeding ... it's not possible without a bandage. After the examination, she said the bleeding is normal, can happen. But the fact that I'm still bleeding worries me. Has anyone had experience with bleeding after the examination? Do you think I should check out?


  • reply - 1: Jep ... off to the KH with you. Better to once too much than what is. Maybe she hurt something and it's nothing bad. Maybe not. So off to the KH.
  • reply - 2: So my midwife told me this was normal or could happen before after an examination. On my second ss I had that too and was very unsure as my doctor said I still had time. We went to the hospital and a day later my son was born.
    So if you do not have a good feeling go to the Kh. Dear once too early than too late.
    Good luck, that will work! lg
  • reply - 3: Marcozicke how many days after the examination are you dangers to the kh? And that your son then combed, was it due to the investigation?
  • reply - 4: Good morning, I have not waited days and I went there in the afternoon. They have a CTG made and there I had a slight not noticeable labor. As I said the next day he was there. I can only report from me, can also be that it is different. But I would rather control that.
  • reply - 5: Hello Elias,
    Bleeding after the examination, I know enough. Had that in my first pregnancy and now again. No one can say exactly where it comes from. In the meantime, I do not even feel anymore, because the risk of bleeding is simply too great. My FÄ still sent me to the KH to have that clarified there. I would rather play it safe!
    Best regards!
  • reply - 6: I still can not check through: (I have a shortened Gh and on the second day of the bleeding was with the blood and lumps, now I have the assumption that it could be this Schleimpfropf ... have since the investigation from time to time abdominal pain as if I had my days, since they are not so strong I'm not driven to the kh, I mean when it would start, I would remember it anyway or?
  • reply - 7: This is an internet forum and you will not get expert advice here! In the end we could only speculate! If you are worried, go to the hospital! Only that will give you some veracity. Can also be something with the placenta or or or ... All the best for you!

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