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Am today 5 + 1. Very fresh pregnant. Our dream child .. now I read so much about miscarriages here. That scares me a lot. Do you really have to worry so much or what percentage is the risk actually in the first 3 months?


  • reply - 1: Hey.
    The same thing happened to me.
    I am 27 years old and we are expecting our first wish child.
    I only found out last wednesday and pregnancy.
    I had to be 4 + 5 now.
    So also very fresh.
    I have the appointment at the gynecologist on 6.1.
    Can somehow not really get involved yet.
    I am so afraid that I lose it in the first weeks
  • reply - 2: Hello, I'll be in 2.5 weeks 27. I'm 5 + 3 on the ultrasound on friday, you only have seen fruit sac and yolk sac. My FA said when the heart beats, the risk drops below 3%. Next date for Babywatching is on 28.12
  • reply - 3: Hello,
    I am 28 and now in the 5th week. I also found out on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I already had two miscarriages and can not be so happy. That will probably only drop off in January at my gyn appointment. But I try not to think about it and to stay positive. You just can not get in and have to trust yourself and your body.
    How is it with you with the "side effects"?
  • reply - 4: Hey, I'm "already" 29.
    am Tuesday then 6 + 0

    I'm not worried.
    The second attempt has been, worked the same.
    Mega should be healthy and strong, the poppy seed! That's the most important thing.
    What is not healthy makes the body go. Maybe that's better too.

    think positively <3!

    When are you going to Doc?
    I call this morning :)

  • reply - 5: Hi :)
    Would you be so nice and would change the title in "Ü 25 muttis" or something similar
    Many Thanks
  • reply - 6: Good morning,
    I am 29 and we are expecting our 2nd child. Am in the 14 ssw and it worked with us in 2.ZZ.
    I think everyone is worried in the first 3 months. Even now I always think what if and go with Bauchgrummeln to the doctor. I think that stops when we feel the little ones 
  • reply - 7: Hello, I'm 27 and I'll be mom for the first time (today 6 + 1). After having an ectopic pregnancy last year, I was also very nervous before the gyn appointment (5 + 3). But this time the fruit cave is right! 
  • reply - 8: Hello. Am 26 and already had 2 abortions. Hope this will be all right, have tomorrow FA am Dan 7 + 5 and hope a heartbeat and this time has for me :)
  • reply - 9: Since we have, apart from the second child, a lot in common :)?!
    When is your ET?
  • reply - 10: Good morning,
    I'm also 27 and pregnant with our 2nd child.
    Before my first child, I did not even think about it, there was only this crazy joy to be pregnant.
    Then we decided for more offspring and had to experience what mourning means: 3 FG!
    Now I am pregnant again and this stupid fear remains, although I already saw the little heart at 6 + 1.
    It is tearing to have this fear always on the back of your neck but to be honest, a miscarriage is unfortunately also something normal. The body can not hold some ss because something is wrong or the body is not ready. In the past, you often did not realize it because the tests did not strike you so early, I think.
    But I think it's going to be a good thing, no matter how it ends! - is very important !!!

    Sorry that it is long and I hope that it helped you.
    Please talk about it, it helps. I do not know everyone understands that ......

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