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Spontaneous childbirth after KS - vbac / Vba2c - vba? C


Hello my dears,

since it does not believe such a contribution, I open it once.

I already had two secondary CSs each at 7cm MM .... first CSW birth stasis and second AM of an amniotic infection.

Now the birth journey started with me.

Since I know that many physicians flat rate say that after one or more KS again KS or even the best Steri must / should be, I would like to use this post that we can exchange / inform.

Frequently, numbers are thrown into the room that the risk of rupture after a KS is very high .... but it is only 2% so 98% that the scar does not tear.

Even scarring after 1/2, etc. KS are z.b. irrelevant for a spontaneous birth and for the KS only for the surgeon relevant ... it just takes longer.

There are certainly many women who used to think that they have to have a KS again, but girls, that's definitely not the case!


  • reply - 1: Good morning,
    an exciting thread, unfortunately I have nothing positive to report about it.

    Child # 1 was having a cesarean section blowing after 26 h, amnioninfekts, 9.5 cm open mumu. It was just too big for me with 4.5 kg, then stuck and the heart sounds rang off.
    Of course I tried to give birth to child # 2. The mouse burst the amniotic sac, but I did not have a single woe 24 hours later, but had another amniotic infection. Thereupon there was again a Caesarean section.
    Child # 3 was then immediately brought by planned Ks, because I found no clinic with me would take the risk (I live in Munich). The scar was never scary thin. I also had 0.0 complaints with the scar during the ss.
    Consequently, child # 4 becomes a planned Ks with subsequent steri.

    I am sometimes sad that I was cheated on this birth experience. The pain after a ks wish uxh also no one and I can not understand how to do something like this voluntarily. But I am also infinitely happy that my children are healthy and happy with me, I was able to breastfeed without any problems (milk injection 48 h later) and the binding did not hurt at all.
    All the best 

  • reply - 2: In the meantime a lot has happened, if you still have the desire for a spontaneous birth, then try it. Anyway, you can not refuse a clinic, you have to sign that you have been informed of Maximal.
    There are many clinics that also vba3c and more accompany ... you should then possibly take a longer walk on you.

    I have after the second ks all clinics within a radius of 100 km emailed and described my previous births and asked if an accompaniment to 2ks is possible. The FA in the kh where I had the second confinement told me nobody does and we do not.

    And what turned out, it make of 7 clinics that I wrote, 6! And even those where he works himself under maximum education.

    It's amazing that you were already 9,5 cm!

    Why did not they give you no antibiotics or vows? For example Gel or similar?

    Have you ever requested the birth certificate from all children?

    Incidentally, there is a great group at F *** b ***, the megaviel input and clinics can call, where possible.

    is called: naturally and self-determined to give birth after cesarean section -vbac

    There are also women with 5 and more ks on the way, who tell of their experiences.

  • reply - 3: After the spontaneous breastfeeding of my twin girls I also had a KS with my following.

    My amniotic sac has burst and Lina slid face up into the pelvis. We made a rearrangement and managed to get her out of the pelvis and into the pelvis, but suddenly I did not have any contractions anymore. Then I got attached to a Wehentropf but the heart sounds have fallen off and Linas oxygen saturation was bad at the fifth blood loss. I would have the choice left if I wanted to try for half an hour or just Ks but since I had no more contractions and also got scared, I decided for the Ks.

    I hope that I can spontaneously deliver again at the next birth. But if the doctors find it too risky then I'll do it. As long as I can leave the clinic with my child I do not care about the birth.

  • reply - 4: I am very sorry for your loss and of course I can understand your fears very well.

    I wish you very much that your wish will come true.

    Why did you have to let your twins go?

    Enclosed for all times the link to the aforementioned group ...

  • reply - 5: Thank you  

    They were identical twins, which unfortunately did not recognize my former Fa. They developed the fetofetal transfusion syndrome so one mouse was over- and one under-treated. I only found out when I lost amniotic fluid. We then drove to Bonn, which was 4.5 hours away, to have the Platzenta laser-shared, but I had completely ruptured the amniotic sac before the procedure .

  • reply - 6: So I had a planned ks because my footstep was great and hung tightly under the rib bow. I was then told in the university hospital all other children would have to come by ks.
    When I wanted to give birth two years later, the other kkh (had moved in the meantime) said that no ks would be needed.You can always spontaneously try after several ks - I decided anyway because the first ks was okay for me and I have a snapping hips and not really flexible legs spread , My sister had a horrible * stargazer and a great spontaneous delivery after notks. So it works.
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