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Offers, discounts etc.


From mom to mum ... offers where you have to / should strike :-) from diapers to clothes, toys room decor etc ...


  • reply - 1: Had not found anything on the subject so I thought I just open a new thread ...
    Since I have the same for those who are interested in an info:
    At Zara just huge sale ... I've bought so sweet shoes ... instead of 26.99 euros for only 5.99 euros can indeed post a picture .... so it's worth it;)
  • reply - 2: ...
  • reply - 3: At zara I also struck and bought shirts;)
  • reply - 4: Good to know :)
    How expensive are they and how are the things there? Was never there

    Weis possibly when there are discount days at c & a. Sometimes there are%.

    We started with porridge and now I can dress Johanna at least twice a day ...

  • reply - 5: A tshirt
  • reply - 6: And one more thing ... I love comics :)
  • reply - 7: So in Dresden we had discounts in c and a two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I do not know if this is still going on ... I've also bought something :-) now that they are not growing that fast anymore.
  • reply - 8: Ouh this is a great Fred, I had already considered, just also thought that there is already something.

    Here can vll also purely if someone has a hot tip of because of factory outlet / outlet has?

  • reply - 9: Check it out in the online shop of zara ... because you can see what it is so but on the whole many stylish things which is currently "in"!
  • reply - 10: Tips in Münsterland:
    Outlet Center in Ochtrup on the A31 (Kreis Steinfurt), brands for children: u.a. Sigikid, Steiff, Kanz

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