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Hello my dears :)

Yesterday I had another examination at the Fa, and I was told that I had little amniotic fluid. As a result, my doctor is unfortunately not a prominent doctor, of course, I have no answer to what I can do or against it. Am now in the 20th Ssw. Does anyone have experience or knows what you can do there?


  • reply - 1: I myself did not have the problem. My sister was like this:
    She also had too little amniotic fluid and one could do nothing in the sense itself.
    Then she thinks that was about 30 weeks around, got an amniotic fluid filling. With the syringe through the abdominal wall, etc.

    She had through the little amniotic fluid, very bad amniotic fluid. What then could have been dangerous for the child.

    Maybe you should just ask your midwife or otherwise involve another doctor. Can have any other reason.
    Do not go crazy now. If it was a big problem, your doctor would have said something.

  • reply - 2: I had too little amniotic fluid in the first pregnancy, but only a week before Et, then I was initiated. My Fa always said to drink more.
    If you have a Hebi I would call the times and ask, or in another Fa.
  • reply - 3: She does mean that it is not tragic at the moment, but I'm worried anyway: /
    In any case, thanks for your help :)
  • reply - 4: Huhu
    At the penultimate VU I also had pretty little amniotic fluid. The Doc said, it is not so bad, because every day which is replicated.
    I should drink a lot.
    Everything was ok again at the last VU ...
  • reply - 5:

    You should drink a lot and have a lot of rest. That's how it was with a friend.

  • reply - 6: Ok, then I'll shove all tasks to my dear friend and just lie around: p thanks :)
  • reply - 7: hello!
    I had that too. drink a lot!
    Of course, if the baby just drank, it's less. Maybe it makes us pee before the next us, then will be enough there. you can not measure that exactly. Please do not let it unsettle you!
    all the best and lg
  • reply - 8: Drink !!!!! Ne friend had the problem too. The should then drink about 3 liters a day.
  • reply - 9: Do not go crazy. I also had too little on the last ssw. I was then twice to check the Doppler kh to see if the baby is not underserved. Otherwise I did not have to do anything, or something was done. Michl was born like that
  • reply - 10: Hello, I'm from the November Club, I was seven weeks ago, was then found in the 21st week little amniotic fluid. I was as scared as you were. The amniotic fluid has remained stable and is now in the lower normal range. I was told to lie and drink a lot. Pay attention to the child movements, if they are less, then go to the doctor if you are not examined anyway already close-meshed. Hope that everything will be fine with you!

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