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Stacking, sorting and stringing

Stacking (and, of course, knocking over) is a classic childhood activity, from carefully balancing one building block to the other, until arranging color rings on a pyramid. But it is also a great way for your child to use his increasingly skilled fingers and to practice sorting and building.

To make your architectural ambitions even more compelling, build your child with bricks of different sizes, shapes and colors, and offer other materials to build and operate. Although it is too early for number and letter games, your child will enjoy sorting magnetic letters by size and color on the refrigerator door. Or you show him stringing pearls with big plastic pins. If it does, give it a thick lace and pieces of cloth in which you have cut holes, or a sturdy ribbon and large wooden beads. Before you know it, it makes edible jewelry (colored tube noodles are good for it).

Or do you prefer doodling and painting?


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