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Twin mums from Berlin?


Hallihallo, I already have a three-year-old daughter and my husband and I are now expecting dizygotic twins in October 2015 ... we first had to digest the shock and now we are very happy :)
Is there any other pregnant women from Berlin by chance?
And do you have any idea which twin car you would like to buy?
I look forward to many contributions from you and wish us all a relaxed and happy pregnancy!


  • reply - 1: me !!! ET 20.09 identical twins. This is my first SS.    

    My friend and I have already looked at several prams and have opted for the Bugaboo Donkey Twin. Expensive, but it is super light, stable and beautiful. :)

  • reply - 2: Oh then our twins have no big distance :) Yes, the Bugaboo should be the best ... but also the most expensive. And I was still thinking about whether in a row may be cleverer than next to each other. But emotionally I also prefer the two side by side ...
    Do you already know where you will deliver?
  • reply - 3: I think it's nice when both are next to each other and the car even fits in our elevator :).
    I would like to give birth in Sankt Gertrauden, but my doctor thinks that I should choose a KKH with a perinatal ward. I will go next to the Infoaben in April and then I will decide. How about you? LG
  • reply - 4: I gave birth to my daughter at that time in the Maria Heimsuchung and the situation would be very practical for us ... but unfortunately they do not have a perinatal ward either. But on the 2nd of April I meet my midwife and then I will question her ...;)
  • reply - 5: Hey you twin moms. I'm from Berlin and I also get twins. Where did you find your midwife? ! I am desperate because I just do not get any, all "fully booked" :( Do you attend birth preparation courses?
  • reply - 6: hello,

    I got my in the 10th week and she was almost fully booked. Am from tomorrow in the 19th week and have not attended a course. I will discuss this with the midwife tomorrow. :)


  • reply - 7: Hello dear twin mommies, I have a twin couple that was born five weeks early in February. I wanted to offer you to exchange a little bit. Gemini is something very special, but also very exhausting.
    Greetings, Franzi and the twins
  • reply - 8: Hallihallo, did not look in for a while anymore but now I'm happy to see that there are some new posts :)

    By the way, I am going to give birth in Tempelhof in St. Joseph, which is also a recommendation of my midwife. My midwife or her practice is connected to my FA practice and I think she still has capacity. Is just in the middle (Chausseestraße). Would that be something for you, ladylike? Or have you already found what you are looking for?

    Otherwise, I can say that I am now in week 28 and now really notice how I physically rapidly break down: (((My ball is already soooo thick, I'm totally out of breath and can do almost nothing .... could and I really do not know how I'm going to survive the coming weeks !!! How are you? And do you know if you'll release your babies spontaneously or with cesarean section?

    best regards

  • reply - 9: Hello Sarah, you surely know by now what it will be. Since they are dizzy, everything is possible; -).
    St. Joseph really has a good reputation. I gave birth in Neuköllner. There were complications from the 28th week on and we live in Lichtenrade, because that was the first choice because of the good neonatology we needed.
  • reply - 10: Hello Franzi,

    yes, there are two girls - so we are then a total of 4 ladies plus daddy at home :) But my husband is happy (anyway)!
    Phew, that does not sound so good with the complications ... what exactly was the matter with you? And are you both well off again or are you still aware of the complications?
    I have my next FA appointment next Friday and I hope that everything will be alright. Where I ask myself on the other side, how should I stand through until October?

    best regards

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