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Who is in the 35ssw, what complaints do you have? Normal birth or cesarean section?




  • reply - 1: Hello! I'm 35.! Have been in the evening exercise labor for several days. I woke up last night, moved. I hope that it does not start earlier. Baby was still wrong around the last US. If it turns in SL, I would definitely like to have a natural birth. You?
  • reply - 2: Huhu, I'm 35 + 1 today. Everything is alright with me so far, I am also very flexible and most do not believe me that it should be ready in 5 weeks. We get our first child and it becomes a girl :)
    Slowly I am a bit nervous, look at a hospital today, I can not decide. We have only two options, one is a pure maternity clinic, but without a children's ward and the other is a giant Maximalversorger, but has the pediatric clinic right next to the maternity ward.
  • reply - 3: For me it is the second and I notice the practice pains earlier and differently (this time pain in the lower back) and also have more "hurt" (rib pain, pain in the pubic bone, etc.) despite a small stomach.
    I want a water birth again like the first time. Let's see when the little one wants to come and obs is just as good and fast as the first time.
  • reply - 4: Our little one is still a star caster at the moment, she is still hoping that she would like to have a waterbirth is our first child ...
    I'm fine except that I've gotten quite a bit and the back and rib pain is getting more and more! All the best for you

  • reply - 5: In the beginning, I want to give birth at home but since my husband has insisted that if something is with me or the little one we do not come to different hospitals, we have now decided for one of the best kh with a very highly praised children's ward everything good for you
  • reply - 6: Oh, giving birth at home was out of the question for us right from the beginning, but I'm too big a shit for that. Will probably also go to the clinic with children's clinic, because I simply want the best possible care, if something should be
  • reply - 7: Hello,
    I am 35 + 6 and he is already right and is finished with estimated 3100g and 48cm. The 4D picture shows a fat little boy.
    again and again practice labor and hi and there sink.
    For two days, enormous back pain and rib pain.
    Well doctors say he is done and can come when he wants. has started waiting

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