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Positive test, but not pregnant ..?!


Hello my dears,

I do not know how to start and how to describe my emotional state, I'm totally confused. To explain all this I have to go a little further, so ...:

My son was born in July 2015, when he was about 9 months old, my partner and I wanted to have a sibling for our son, during which period I was diagnosed with PCO and it was not that easy to have children. So we tried and tried but it did not work. At some point we put aside the desire to have children, because we realized that our relationship breaks down, as it finally came to be. So I moved out with my Lütten and met someone new .. we are now 2 months together and now the shock, Saturday SST made and positive! , it fits in but now just zero in, he has even 2 children for which he has to pay maintenance, I have since living alone hardly any money .. it just does not fit. But abortion is not an option for me. After a long time back and forth, because he does not want the child and I but somehow already because I would break an abortion, we have decided to keep the child. So I went to the gynecologist today to have this clarified and because I had such abdominal pain.

It came out that the sst there was also positive, but he could not detect any pregnancy by vaginal ultrasound. I would probably have a lot of fluid in the abdomen / uterus. He says either I'm pregnant so early you do not see it, or it's a cyst planned or ectopic pregnancy. He can tell me more in about a week. Until then, I have to measure every two days for the HCG value.
I do not know, I'm so bad for a long time and my breasts hurt, too, that can not come from a cyst right?
I've kind of made friends with the idea that my son will get a sibling, and now I'm probably not pregnant? I can hardly describe my emotional chaos, because on the other hand, the time does not really fit as I had just described. I do not know if I should cry or laugh. And the uncertainty makes me the most finished.
can a cyst actually positively affect the sst?
Sorry for the long text.


  • reply - 1: Hello,
    If you are pregnant at an early age, then you can still have signs. Possibly. has also shifted your ES, so that no pregnancy on the ultrasound can be seen.
    Yes, there are HCG cysts.
  • reply - 2: When my ovulation was I can not say exactly as I said anyway because it is maybe 5 times a year .. on my period I could never leave because I have a hormonal disorder. Was again today at the gynecologist to take blood and later have another appointment, because the abdominal pain does not get better, later I know more.
    Thanks for the answer.
  • reply - 3: and are there any news?
    Lg Vera
  • reply - 4: Hello Vera,

    According to the blood test I'm actually pregnant, the abdominal pain says the doctor because he can do nothing now. Monday I have an appointment again, but then to the ultrasound with the hope that you see something
    Gester night I was still in hospital because of fever and chills + body aches. I was not feeling well, so now I have abdominal pain and a flu

  • reply - 5: Oh what a crap with the flu
    Then let's hope that you see something monday 
  • reply - 6: Yes, I hope so too
  • reply - 7: Reports then on monday times 
  • reply - 8: Oh great, I say very soft congratulations :-)
    I was also sick with stomach intestines and fever at the beginning of pregnancy. In addition to the abdominal pain, super combo! : - /
    Then I'll keep my fingers crossed that Monday may already see something and get well soon. :))
  • reply - 9: I will do that
  • reply - 10: Thank you
    Yes, that's really a great combo
    I'm fortunately already better.
    Only I have now for about two days the problem that I can not keep anything with me.
    Thank you for pushing my love

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