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Polling station - Modwahl 1.0 - terminated


Hello everybody,

The first half of May is soon through with their NMT, so we would like to start the first Moderator election.

Wanted3. Moderatorswho tested positive.
The optionalends on 09.09.2018 at 12 o'clock.
After all the May NMTs have passed, there will be a second mod election, so everyone has a chance to vote.

You can award 3 hearts per person!
Enter only one name per comment (not several)!
You may also like to suggest yourself!
Please hereno talks lead, otherwise you lose the overview of the election names! For this we can use the thread mod-choice.

Thanks a lot!  

If someone is called but does not want to be a moderator, please let me know in advance and I will add you to the list.

I wish you a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the new mods  

I do not want to be elected:
Mama Soul Mate


  • reply - 1: PauLinaLotte121417
  • reply - 2: I would like to do it too! So:


  • reply - 3: Too bad ... Yeah, I'll do it right away
  • reply - 4: MiraDe
  • reply - 5: Schwibble
  • reply - 6: Luzey
  • reply - 7: Good morning dear ones  
    I went into it again and realized that I can not do the mod job. If my holiday is around Monday, I would not be able to do the task in time and the other mods would have to pay.
    I am very sorry please do not be angry with me.
    JuliaBB thank you for thinking of me.
  • reply - 8: A pity, I think you would have become a very good mod.
    But I deleted you from the election.

    to all:
    There is still time left to choose tomorrow and make suggestions.
    Remember, everyone has 3 votes. All who have voted for Bibi may of course reassign their vote.

  • reply - 9: Hello, I'm so sorry, but would you please remove me as a mod synonymous? I really wanted to do it, but I do not know yet if my crumb will stay with me. I've been bleeding in the hospital since yesterday and you can not say what it's all about.
    I hope you can understand that.
  • reply - 10: Hello dear ones, I see now that you have set me up but would like to occupy this post reluctantly. I am very happy for you there and answer your questions, but as a moderator I do not see myself. Thank you for your trust   

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