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pain in the leg and pelvis



am 18 +2 and I have pain like other things.
getting up is hell even sitting hurts.
Who knows who and what can be done

Thank you


  • reply - 1: off to the doctor!
    With such severe pain ne thrombosis must be excluded!
  • reply - 2: Hey ...

    Actually, a little too early ... but that can be a symphysenlokerung .. that's nothing bad that comes from the hormones .. I have it myself and it gets worse by the fact that the belly dweller grows ... watch that and speak at the next meeting your gyn times ...

  • reply - 3: Hello Claudia,
  • reply - 4: Jaa the belt I have but with me, he unfortunately brings nothing ... but I let it do with acupuncture .. bissi it has become better ...
  • reply - 5: I know that only too well ... which is really early with you ....
    try it out pelvic floor exercises .... of which it is not away, but makes it a bit bearable and stay in motion for a while that has always helped me quite well .... I have now only at night or when I lie have and then get up .... try not to sit as far as possible with legs spread wide (bsp cross-legged or on a leg) crossed leg is also stupid .... was at least so far with me ... if I have paid attention to went it was actually quite good and was bearable ... does not comfort you, but with the birth should be gone again;)
  • reply - 6: So I'm 14 ssw and with me it has been from 12 on all 4 ss now it's twins so I think it's even faster ... but the 3 before I had it always very early ... as long as I was moving but it was good.

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