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I totally freeze ..


Have a question ... I'm totally cold, but should not it be a warmer in pregnancy?


  • reply - 1: Well, in the first weeks, I was often totally cold. When others were still in the tshirt, I already had my jacket and neckerchief on. I could imagine that with the increased energy consumption you gain, you just lose heat. But at least you can do something against the freezing. :-)
  • reply - 2: Hey :) I'm also totally cold! Ubd that for 2 weeks !!! I do not know what that is! lg
  • reply - 3: I'm always cold too. For many, that's because of the low blood pressure that you often have at the beginning of the ss, but I actually have high blood pressure and have to take pills. Well, but cuddling a bit is pretty nice ...
    wanted to turn on the fireplace but since my husband has declared me crazy.
  • reply - 4: Oh that calms me, that I'm not alone ... Well then we all cuddle up cozy in warm blankets .. ;-)
  • reply - 5: I had that for a while, too. My husband had to bring me a hot water bottle in the evening because I was so cold.
    Meanwhile, it works again.


  • reply - 6: I always freeze even sleep with jäggli
  • reply - 7: I'm free too. Am today only with thick sweater run around. And on the couch I already need the blanket. My friend then always sits next to me in the shirt and lower sleeve and looks at me wrong :-D
  • reply - 8: I also have the feeling that it always freezes me! I thought it had something to do with my loss of weight ...
  • reply - 9: I thought I was stupid .... but I'm shivering too since days. ...
  • reply - 10: yaaaa i know that, cold feet and blanket at 25 degrees outside u sunshine: D crazy;)

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