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I am already desperate, my little one is only roaring when he is not sleeping. even though I have breastfed and wrapped him ... try to calm him down, I carry him around all the time ... I can not put him in the wagerl at the moment either because he then roars like a spit. have to take it out and reassure him, that goes on all the time. who has tips for me?


  • reply - 1: If you have him on his arm, is he calm?
    Maybe he needs closeness
  • reply - 2: Look else in the thread extreme colic or sleep in the thread of the babies
  • reply - 3: There are screaming ambulances that help in such cases. Do you have to google?
  • reply - 4: This can really have many causes! I would talk to the pediatrician about it! Many Schreibabys also have problems with their virbeln! Mostly in the neck often it is not recognized! Oesteopaths are good at helping! But would also address clearly different options at the pediatrician! Sometimes they are not on it!
  • reply - 5: Singing helps with my little one :)
    Have in the ss always heard a lot of music and sung.
    Can not do children's songs xD but we sing the doctors - men are pigs, Matthias rhyme - damn I love you or even another pop song xD
    I rather like rock, but the songs came to mind as she cried, since then we sing every night between 7pm and 8pm. And I think she knows the songs now and calms down :)
  • reply - 6: Our mouse also cried for 2 days as if on a spit. Came out that she has a growth spurt and therefore needs a lot more milk than I have produced. Must currently pump off and give some food to Pre its rest is now and then a crow when the diaper is wet ... Good luck that really suffers the nerves!
  • reply - 7: Hello,

    my little one is 2 weeks old. And at mur that was the first time that she has screamed extremely and kept me just at night on Trapp. My midwife is still there every day and my mouse has also decreased even though I've always put on them ... I was crying ..
    Now we know, the mouse is just hunrig. I'm still feeding her. And we get very slowly that it increases.
    I have to breastfeed her now, then pump her and feed her still ..

    The little one feels like a "Mestschwein" and I like a "Melckkuh";)

    I wish you that it will be better soon .. !! Heads up!! And talk about it with your lifting arms !!

    All the best

  • reply - 8: I always recommend the article "tearful baby time" just googling !!!
  • reply - 9: Unfortunately, it's not always better ... our little one is soooo raving all day long.I've already tried everything, the only one where he usually calms down is in the towel. The walk in the pram is also the horror. sometimes I'm lucky and he falls asleep but mostly he's screaming like crazy and I have to take him out, then he gives a rest. i really do not want to go out there anymore because of the mumbo-joking and roaring ;-(
  • reply - 10: You should definitely clarify. Best synonymous nen osteopaths to get. In the nursing group at the first child, one of the counselors also had great globolis ready

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