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"Positive moms are eager for ET"


So ladies I say Merci for the great posts. , And still wish a lot of fun .. ☺
And all ne super great childbirth, since we are already close to it


  • reply - 1:: D na where are you ??
  • reply - 2: I'm already there :-))
  • reply - 3: huhuuuu :)
    I'll answer you here :)

    So with yours
    Friend, I would also speak n decent word, I had read that time even with his mom, etc.

  • reply - 4: Yes .. will talk to him .. You can do with the animals so that her husband comes from Italy and takes along .. but yes .. Nope .. sunday he wants to discuss this with three of them
  • reply - 5: So blueberry .. I can not say anything more .. I'm sorry. .. after all, you always plug in. But I rarely think there's a man who is perfect. I constantly tell me to shower the drying after the teeth clean the mirror and cleanse amatur because brushing teeth without injections does not work.
    Yes, it is not like you now. But also annoying because I am very meticulous and do not like to tell the same thing every day.

    The dog is but megaaaa beautiful.

    So as I said my must now shave appointment in November. Eh nothing goes with the long hair.
    But we'll look pointed. Certainly not on the first evening. Mine is also very careful with other people.

    Yes what else Boa now I forgot everything again.

  • reply - 6: The movie "sextabe" is really great! : D has to take a break because my little girl has become cheerful ...: / she sleeps very badly today ... I am already happy when my dwarfs are 7 years old I think until then my stingy behavior has turned off and mine Friend and I can finally enjoy a relaxed evening again ... I am already tired but I would like to enjoy some togetherness our louse is keeping us really busy lately. : /

    Make yourself a list to what you want to do everything in pairs! With baby it will be impossible I did not want to believe it earlier because I've been so looking forward to the little but now I remember a lot that I still want to do ...

  • reply - 7: Thank you! Your dog is also very cute! I love small or very big dogs! : D is a Maltese or ??

    My mom has a shih-tzu that I always shave :) I love that if I can cut out his cute face and cut the fur around his ears then he looks like a puppy! The Maltese have so sweet little ears! <3

  • reply - 8: Thank you .. hope that will be really better ..
    I know that with the dry wipe ..
    My friend watches me as I wipe the sink dry and he makes them unnecessarily wet and leaves it so .. or if he takes to eat he leaves things in the sink or on the kitchen shelf .. you can not do that right in the To give a dishwasher? Grr
  • reply - 9: Today again night program The Walking Dead :)

    Yes yes, the men somehow all the same ne, what you write so I see mine again and then complain about it if you even se schnauzt that they should do this and that.

  • reply - 10: Oh, I've already gotten rid of my friend !! He used to shave over the sink! And left his hair or thrown his dirty robe just beside the bed ...

    I sent him to shave with a mirror in the garden and his clothes just can not be picked up and washed ... Now he checks it. :) He always makes good clean and after the meal, he puts his used dishes in the dishwasher and his dirty robe he puts me good in front of the washing machine :)

    Pure educational matter;)

    You have to practice in the conse- quence anyway, the little ones will be totally turned off from about 16 months old xD
    They are bitching around and fights with you and even start to hit although they have not seen anywhere else !! XD if my daughter does not want to sleep she'll scratch me! When she comes here, I always send her away and say if you've calmed down you can come back. Then she comes and I stroke her then she wants to cuddle me and everything is forgotten. :) well she is not every day like that and with other kids she can play great!

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