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Hello I have not written since the birth of my daughter. ..
My daughter had a febrile spasm last Tuesday, so I know by now that it's not life threatening, but at the moment you do not know that. .. it was really terrible, even the days after that in the hospital. ..
Is there anyone here who has ever experienced this?
Friendly greetings to everyone!!


  • reply - 1: Here! Although with my big daughter but also she was "only" 2.5 years old. I am very happy to know about it now and always have an emergency drug at home!
    I hope your mouse is doing well again! Do you know why she got a fever, an infection or something else?
  • reply - 2: I send you force and I had until now luck with my 3s but I have huge fear of it and can understand that you are ready or ready ... get well soon ...
  • reply - 3: Unfortunately, we had to experience it already when Luca had a kidney infection. We were there already in treatment in the hospital but it was very bad for us. We had never heard of it before and were terrified. We were glad that we had help directly. The sight was really not nice and when I think about it, I still get goose bumps. I hope we never have to experience something like that and do not wish it to anyone. Yes, even if some say half as wild. For me it was the horror
  • reply - 4: I already noticed in the morning that she has a fever. I have three children who have had fever many times, so I did not think anything of it. Maybe she'll get a tooth or something. Have you just carried around what is usually never the case because she was always very uncomplicated and is. At noon, she still hogs and drinks as usual, but as the fever continued to rise, I gave her a suppository at 2 pm. In the afternoon she slept and I pushed her with the stroller, she was already done but I did not think so much about it now. We went back into the house and I took off her cap, she was on my left arm and suddenly she collapsed completely, first forward to my chest, then the head fell backwards. I was so terribly frightened that I nearly dropped her. Immediately put her on the changing table and called my daughter to bring me the phone and drop off the emergency call. At the changing table her whole body stiffened, while her eyes kept looking upwards at him. She was completely kicked out and then began to cramp, her upper body began to twitch, she was only gasping, spit ran out of her mouth, it was so terrible to see her own child like that, I thought that dies. .....
    The man from the Rettu escort has talked to me on the phone telling me what to do until the first responders, then the paramedics and then the ambulance (a 3/4 hour later because two duty on duty were) arrived.
    It was amazing like in the movie ...
    Terrible! !!!!
  • reply - 5: Oh dear ..., I am very sorry for that. Fortunately I have not had to experience it yet ...
    have a girlfriend and her little (now 1 year) had several .... really bad. : - /

  • reply - 6: I'm terrified of that, too! I wish you get well soon!
    May I ask what you do best at the moment? You're probably in shock that you do not know what to do. So call the ambulance immediately
  • reply - 7: We were told the following: Make sure that you can not hurt yourself while cramping, make the emergency call and watch the clock how long the attack lasts! Keep calm is in such a situation so NEN advice that is difficult to implement ... In our case, we should stop the attack after 5 min with the emergency drug. With friends of ours, however, this attack took even 15 minutes and the boy is fine!
    One must not forget that it is a kind of protective mechanism of the body, quasi a shutdown and reboot if you will ...
    I myself have just noticed the seizure of my daughter half, she came from the daycare and wanted to lie down, unusual but ok! I only heard it cracking 1 hour later when she was halfway out of bed and when I was gone, the spasm was already over, but she was completely absent and apathetic, she had never experienced it like that and she often had a fever. In this case, however, the fever has really risen from normal to 40.3 within 1.5 hours. I had to hear from the ambulance on the phone why not give me a suppository first, so a bum! In the hospital, they were really nice! In the end, she only had a normal infection that had resolved after 2 days, but such a rapid increase was simply too much for the body.
  • reply - 8: I send you a lot of strength.

    Unfortunately, I had to join my big brother too. Since then, I always get a panic when he gets a fever, even though he is already out of the risk age, but I will not let go of the panic. Fortunately, the little one has never had a fever, but I do not think I can ever make him feverish over 38 degrees without medication. I can not do that, although I know that he is probably not prone to convulsions and also knows that cramping is just a protective mechanism of the body and does not hurt either. But you do not get the picture of the cramping child from the head and the first time you really think that the child dies 

  • reply - 9: Oh man, that sounds really bad !! Does such an emergency medicine bring the fever down faster than normal remedies or is there anything else in there?

    I really hope that we are spared, the emergency drug for the pseudo Krupp enough for me: /

  • reply - 10: Take care that the child does not hurt and keep cool. He was convulsing in December and I tore open all windows and pulled him out to the diaper. I put him aside and made sure he did not swallow his tongue. He just sank away next to me and cramped for 15 minutes. Then the rescue was already there and we drove to the hospital with the ambulance. He has already wriggled at 38.8 and after the 15 minutes he was at 41.8. After that, he was completely apathetic and confused. He can only remember the ride in the ambulance, everything before that is gone. Since then I put on a short-sleeved coat when he has a fever and he gets, if at all, only a thin blanket.

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