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positive :)


Hallihallooo :).

Have tested this morning positive how are you? :)


  • reply Hey, I tested positive on Monday. I am doing relatively well. Except for the pull in the abdomen and the burning in the chest. how far are you?
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    I have already tested on Tuesday "weak positive" and then was the same morning at Gyn. He also tested weak positive and with a HCG of tender 75 confirmed the pregnancy. But as the US did not really recognize anything (except for a high-build mucous membrane and an idea where the yolk sac would soon be visible), I'm still a bit restless. Had in February neonatal pregnancy and hope now the best. Tomorrow morning I have another appointment for the US and for blood sampling. Keep your fingers crossed!

    How do you survive the next few weeks of uncertainty? How are you?


  • reply - 3: Pauli8 thumbs are pressed! For me, only the mucous membrane was visible (4 + 4). That's normal. The ovaries were controlled at the same time and there was nothing remarkable to see. Thank God.
    Try to stay relaxed !! I try it with good thoughts and I just go for the best.

    Do you have any signs?

  • reply - 4: Thank you! Since I already have a child, I interpreted the signs very well before the test. I am extremely tired, have a slight tugging in the abdomen and feel ultra weak. Evil is not me. I keep crying for that. That was also the case in my first SS three years ago ... And you?
  • reply - 5: If I may ask that when you had your fallopian tube pregnancy, could you also see a high-built uterine lining?
  • reply - 6: For me it's the second child. But we waited forever .. or the small on itself. We had not believed it at all.
    I am also tired and I feel that my stomach is growing extremely fast. My breasts from time to time and I have bloating * rotwerd *
    And I have mucus again and again in the Schlüppi .. ups .. So it's pretty busy with me * laugh

  • reply - 7: Hello Nicimammi,

    First of all, welcome in February and congratulations on the positive test. We have such beautiful threads to the complaints, and the fears, have a look in our table of contents. We also have a nice place to talk:


    There you can also exchange.
    Here I'll do it, so it is not so confusing.

    LG Bretzel from the mod team

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