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Which does ______________ mean. ..soft and beady


Good morning, I am in the 38 + 2 and yesterday had a FA date because meomein baby is already deep in the pool and I've been blowing now (4 days) he said that my mother's mouth is soft and beady what does that mean? Can it be said that it starts soon the blows are getting worse day by day but my doctor thinks it quietly pull a little more and I can draw I think I'll get my period -.- annoying and very painful with stomach ache ah yes my hemorrhagic is already since the 32nd week passed


  • reply - 1: Hi, so if you have been in labor for 4 days and the getting worse it sounds in my opinion as if it starts soon, after all, even appointment is just :) and if the cervix is ​​soft and the neck has passed , it is a good condition for the birth! But bulging is an inappropriate description I think! Am also 38 + 2 today! 
  • reply - 2: Do you have the 5.4 ET? ^ - ^ hmm yes he said that he was soft and bulging ...: / but did not ask further
  • reply - 3: So if the cervix has shortened to the end it is called elapsed and in itself it is a very solid muscle that must first soften so that the baby can push his head through. And when everything is nice and soft, only the cervix has to open through labor and then you have your sweetheart in your arms! Am also very nervous !!! 5.4 it would be so far with me then.

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