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Hello ixh times have a question about the maternity law ... what do you mean with the 5th month you can not stand more than 4 hours ... that means that ixh can only work for 4 hours? LG meuselke


  • reply - 1: Do you have the one activity that is running alone, eg fliesbandarbeit? If your ag could not use you otherwise then you probably have to be set free but often you can also be transferred to the office or something like that I think
  • reply - 2: Hello Meuselke,

    Please use this thread employment-prohibition- work-usw?startIndex=300 it concerns questions about the MuSchuG concern your current activity.


  • reply - 3: I leave the thread open (although it would fit well into the worker thread) until you have a few answers.

    later I will close and move it.


  • reply - 4: So I'm in the retail business and stand 9.5 hours a day .... Office work is unfortunately so nixht with us ... Only once a month and ixh always synonymous so 35-40 minutes to work. ....
  • reply - 5: And you can not sit at the cash register?
  • reply - 6: I work at kik so there's only one stool to sit sixh ....
  • reply - 7: So I work at kik .... there is only one stool but can sit ixh there nixht all the time ....
  • reply - 8: Here are the excerpts from The MuSchuG!
    Dads You work 9.5 hours a day anyway is not in the sense of the MuSchuG and from time to time can sit on a stool does not mean that it is not a job with permanent standing.
    Due must not stand for more than 4 hours a day, if you can sit on the stool for 1 minute then you are still standing the rest of the time!

  • reply - 9: Part 1
  • reply - 10: Part 2

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