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Questions about abnormalities in the baby


I'm just going crazy ... he just does not want to fall asleep. I usually lie down while lying down and he falls asleep. Last night was exhausting because he was constantly trampling his legs. Today he rows the gaaaanze time with his arms and legs like crazy ... I've already put him in the extra bed. By this rowing, he keeps himself awake, does not calm down and then gets quarrelsome again ... He often has that with the 'rowing' during the day when I want to put him in the playpen. Then he rowed and rowed (where he wants to, no idea) and then he starts to cry ... I despair even more ... I just want to schlaaaaafeeeeen ....


  • reply - 1: Oh and I have no idea how I should call the thread, or where the topic could fit in ... Sorry!
  • reply - 2 times tried to spit?
  • reply - 3: My little one is also such a rower. I'm petting him and since then I'm sleeping.
  • reply - 4: Pucken is the only way we can only do it. Otherwise the little one will not come to rest. For me, it's definitely been 3 weeks now and he does it while breastfeeding. 
  • reply - 5: Mine does that too. But luckily, it's about five, six in the morning. If that gets too colorful for me, then I let him kick on the changing table for half an hour, then he comes in for half an hour (he's just totally into our Indian snow dance ). Then he is allowed to touch his chest again. Sometimes he falls asleep. Sometimes already in the towel. And sometimes he stays awake. But he is definitely calmer after that.

    Is of course only a solution for once a day. It does not work a whole night ...

  • reply - 6: Then I should try the swaddle. Do you have to pay attention to something special? Habs never really done so far
  • reply - 7: So then I would recommend you to get a Pucktuch or a backpack, because you can not do much wrong;) Or look on the Internet for instructions. I've shown my midwife with all kinds of towels. And without them I determined to much too loose;). In our hospital was also gepuckt that was good to see it from the beginning :)
  • reply - 8: Mine would be rowing all the time, I would not spit him. Since I did that, he falls asleep much better and does not even pull himself out of sleep. I can only recommend this!
  • reply - 9: Sun. Now I ordered the Swaddleme ... Hope it brings something 
  • reply - 10: Good choice, I'm very confident that you'll get it done quickly and your little one will help as well, babies are sometimes overwhelmed with their arms and legs. Especially if they can not control them yet. My Hebi says always we have to imagine that they think "there's something flying .... what's that ... that's up to me ... I can even control where it flies ... etc ..."

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