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Unbearable pain and itching - sleepless


Hey .. Especially at night I'll even wake up ... So I fall asleep during the day just because of lack of sleep
I have an itch below and burn that I have to cry at night ... I was 3 times at the gynecologist who has found nothing in the quick tests no mushroom. She's "glowing", so to speak, I've tried mushroom cream,
Moisturizing Gel,
mushroom suppositories that also clean everything from the inside,
baby oil,
baby powder,
Penaten Creme ,
neutral pH lotion,

We actually had sex every day now I do not mourn anymore because it is much worse after that

my partner has nothing ..
My fa said it could be due to the blood circulation thought then brings something ...

If I do not use creams then I will shoot completely ... But I think there must be a break down ..

but he is so unbearable that I think there must be something .. My midwife is also at a loss and even says that is not normal

I'm only 24th week I torture myself right ....

Does that still have anyone?


  • reply - 1: Mh ... I can not help you unfortunately. I had that burning at all. It was very bad recently and it itched very much. Was in my FA of the urinary tract infection and a fungus has been found. I need to lubricate a cream and vaginalzapferl take and anti-biotics, I must also take. And it's getting better since then. But since he has ruled that out with you I do not know what can be the reason for you. 
  • reply - 2: Try these lactic acid suppositories or the hot ones.
  • reply - 3: Huhu, I also have this itching from time to time. But not nearly as much as you.

    I try to scratch as little or gently as possible, because then it does not burn at all.
    Can also imagine that you make it worse with the whole creams.
    I wash now and then with ph-neutral soap or mostly only with water in the genital area.
    Try that.

    Otherwise, you cook a chamomile tea, let it cool and wash it with your private parts. Camomile has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

    All the best and best regards, Dema

  • reply - 4: Bathing in water vinegar mixture should also be good for acidity regulation. Do not wash too much or try Quark
  • reply - 5: My midwife swears by black tea on things with the skin. Maybe that will help you.
  • reply - 6: Hi,
    I had that in the last Ss too, although not so violent but I had to discreetly always itch ... We had then creamed everything, suppositories, etc. Always brought everything relief was not a permanent solution. I take Sagella active for pregnant women for daily showering. So I do not have so many bladder infections. This is very mild for washing, disinfects and strengthens the skin barrier based on herbs. I recommended my Hebi. Is there in the pharmacy. For me the rescue.
  • reply - 7: Do you take something different now than before? I once reacted very badly to panty liners. Does it itch more outside or inside?
    Get that often nachm sex, if I do not go wash immediately - so 10 minutes lie I would not tolerate.
  • reply - 8: Does it burn a little bit after sex or does it just itch? And does it feel so strange even during its light burning? I am not sure if it is a fungus because white crumbly river I do not have
  • reply - 9: Hmmm that's a good question - if I miss it's a mixture of burning and itching. I can definitely rule out fungus in my case, because then everything is red, swollen and increased discharge. I'll probably be a bit more sensitive about that. No, that's not the case during the GM. Not to say ordinary - it's when he's "done".
  • reply - 10: With me it is only minimal during that. But somehow it makes no fun anymore. Maybe you have a sensitivity to his sperm. Maybe he should pull out beforehand if you react to it. With me it burns and itches even 2 days after the sex. I have aqueous discharge but not white and crumbly. Vaginosis I can conclude because I've bought a little room to test. Might be nothing or mushroom. But with mushroom the friable white discharge is missing if I do not I hardly have any idea what sex can not be a mushroom right?

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