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Irish twins


born on 06.02 daughter and now pregnant again. ET 29.12


  • reply - 1: Congratulations!  
    Did you want to start again so fast? How are you?
  • reply - 2: Congratulations !!!
    I first had to ma google what is meant ...
    My two are 15 months apart and it's great! Slowly they start to play. My boss has three in three years and says everything under 15.16 months would be like pseudo twins after two or three years. I am curious!
    Do you know what it will be?
  • reply - 3: Hello Peach2,
    look in our re-pregnancy review. If someone has outed again as pregnant, then it is in there.

    I push the article on the first page. Would be nice if the conversation continues.

    Here I close.
    I wish you a pleasant, stress-free pregnancy.

    Best regards Purzilla vom Mod Team

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