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Inguinal hernia in the baby


Hello my dears,
My little one probably has a hernia.
Afterwards, another senior doctor comes to look at it.
Does anyone have experience with it?
Is the operation very dangerous / protracted / painful?
How long does the baby need to recover from such an operation?
Are certain movements prohibited after surgery?
Do I have to change very often diapers because of Ingektionsgefahr.

So many questions ..... I'm worried.
I look forward to your experiences


  • reply - 1: My two big ones both had one ... And I have to say, at the big one I am running before the OP.
    But everything was half as wild and up to which they were under observation, regarding oxygen saturation was nothing ...
    At that time I wound up as usual and kept it normal and kept it ... By itself every operation is dangerous, something can happen with every surgery ... But inguinal hernia is a routine procedure ...
    I wish you good luck and if it is a complicationless op

  • reply - 2: I'm sorry for you! How did that happen?
  • reply - 3: My son had one. And nothing was done.
    The urologist says that one can operate, but the risk of accidental sterilization (which, according to him, happens more often than one might think) would be disproportionate to the benefit.
    I have to say that of course it was not serious with him. Otherwise we would not have come around for an operation.
  • reply - 4: Well .. Such a hernia, can disconnect the seed strands ... Is just as bad

  • reply - 5: It happens all by itself .. Most boys are born with it ...
    It also hits mostly boys ..
    Otherwise it can happen too heavy lifting ...

    I had one as a 4-year-old and 6-year-old and both thanks to my little siblings ... because I always carried them around.

  • reply - 6: I have already adjusted to a possible hospital stay for hernia during pregnancy ...
    Since my two big boys each had 2 1/2 months one and both had to be operated on ...
    I still hope that he does not have one this time ... but rather unlikely

  • reply - 7: My big son had a total of 2. He was also an extremely premature baby, because it is more common. We had to stay in the hospital 48 hours later. The Op goes very fast. And without Op, a bowstring can "get tangled up" in it, which can then be dangerous.
  • reply - 8: Thanks for your answers. That gives me courage.

    There were no triggers, my little one is a premature baby, born at 29 + 5. Would be 36 + 1 today.
    Are still in the KH and should actually be released on Thursday. Let's see if we have to stay longer.
    The senior doctor is coming soon ...
    So far there are fortunately no complaints.

  • reply - 9: Ah ok, that's very common with lads. Has he been good with his satiety for a long time? In our case, the problem was that he always had a rather shaky saturation, then got the 6-fold vaccination, then had a cold and then even the groin surgery. That has him back then thrown back first. But with that
    second inguinal hernia a month later, he has a very good tolerated surgery
  • reply - 10: My little one was operated on the day before yesterday. He has survived everything well.
    He was very cold after the operation.
    Allegedly, this should be good after an operation because of the oxygen saturation.
    I'm not a doctor, but I really did not think so.
    Yesterday he had elevated temperature (37.8) but that went down after a few hours with some acetaminophen.
    Tomorrow we can finally go home with the little sister after 7 weeks KH that will be time.

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