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Halll, dear ones,

I had my second KS a few days ago. The children's desire topic is now once back employed, of course, son has now once exclusive time with a long silence ...
However, I wonder if there are women here who have dared to have a vaginal birth after 2 CS and what experiences they have made with it.

Greetings from the puerperium  :)


  • reply - 1: Offtopic, but my heartiest congratulations to the son man my love !! ❤
  • reply - 2: I thank you !!!: ***
  • reply - 3: I am pregnant with the third and "may" because of the alleged risks do not try vaginal again. It should be a planned caesarean section. Maybe it's true that this is also more Pampa and larger clinics allow this. I dont know.
    Experiences would interest me also.
  • reply - 4: I read in a textbook that the risks of vaginal discharge after 2 KS are the same as after one! The risks of a renewed KS even higher. Of course, it always depends on why KS were necessary in the past and how the scar healed, etc.
    Nevertheless, only a few clinics do that ..

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