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Desired baby but it does not work ??????


Hello dear, I can not stand it any more I am practicing since november 2013 but it doesn't work out I don't know which one of you has the same experience ?? and you have that even if your Einsprungtage are the way you feel would get mens thanks for your help


  • reply - 1: Huhu, I got lost here and want to give ma short my mustard.

    So I'm already SS, tomorrow in the ninth month.

    My husband and I practiced for 5 months. In between there was a lot of stress and we probably put ourselves under pressure.

    Do not do that. In the cycle in which we took it easy, the move and my training was over, baaam ... pregnant!

    Take a break, let your mind wander, have sex, because it's fun and not because you have to "..." In most cases, it works then.

    Good luck!

  • reply - 2: Exactly what I wanted to write just got lost here
    But mubi do not mind you and do not put yourself under pressure trying to forget about driving on vacation have sex and I'm sure that it will work soon.
    P.S. Yes, I always have such a tweak and therefore I know that it is ovulation :)
  • reply - 3: oh you love you was recently in the denämark on vacation have tried to turn off the head yes I give me trouble in sex not to think about it but you also know that it is schwirig :( :(
  • reply - 4: We practiced for 14 months until it worked, and everything up to 1 year is normal, have you ever had a hormonal status at the gynecologist?
  • reply - 5: I always use the ovulation tests from Amazon. Works great. Always indicates postitive to ZT 15/16. Unfortunately I'm still not pregnant despite 1 year of practice
  • reply - 6: oh I love her hofffe it works soon my breasts hurt so much but I know that on 8.5 my mens come I do not know if I should make an appointment with FA to see if everything is ok what do you think ??
  • reply - 7: Wait a bit I hope the test is positive
  • reply - 8: oh mimi you are so sweet i hope of course every month but it will work out
  • reply - 9: Ungelogen I do not know you. But I hope you hope with all my heart that it will work for me again soon

    Very vieeeeeel luck and say okay :)

  • reply - 10: mimichen you already have children ?? yes my pain is like I would get my days I hope it's not natural but today I was dizzy and that was very bad that I never had what could it be ??

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