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Pain when urinating


Huhu, I'm new here & I really can not help anymore!
Have for 3 days pain when urinating! Am on Thursday right to the doctor & have my urine checked for cystitis.
My urine is completely normal, so no bladder infection!
Did anyone maybe have anyone before you knew they were pregnant?
I would have to be at ES + 10/11 today, but I did not dare to sst, because I wanted to wait, if Wednesday my mens entrance!

Can someone help me, or has anyone experienced that it can be a "sign"?



  • reply - 1: I have to say that normal urine comes & the pain does not come to the end
  • reply - 2: Maybe your skin "down there" is minimally injured?
    Can happen.

    How are the pains?
    Dull, burning, piercing etc.?

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