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Hello my dears,
Does anyone else stand in the column Eiweiß ++ and knows what you can do there or if it is dangerous? I saw this by chance at home, having had the elevation since the beginning of the pregnancy and am now a bit worried. Find it strange that I was not addressed by my gynecologist on it ...
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,


  • reply - 1: Oh yes, I already had 3 controls ... and the internet says that it can become a pre-eclampsia ... Please tell us all experiences!
  • reply - 2: Hello, the eclampsie is devaluing later topic. I also had some protein in it when I drank a bit. That's why I've gotten used to drinking a lot before the appointment.
  • reply - 3: This is already increased only by the cutting fluid, have asked in the midwife;)
  • reply - 4: It has nothing directly to do with the pregnancy, but my dad has protein in the urine and has to take pills.
    Maybe you just ask the doctor at the next appointment?
  • reply - 5: I also had my last ss but was nothing bad.
  • reply - 6: Can also happen if, for example, the night before had sex ;-) is nothing bad and if then your doctor would hopefully continue to research :-)
  • reply - 7: Thanks for the answers! Yes, I hope that my FÄ da remains behind ...
  • reply - 8: Hi

    I have protein in my urine since birth. Doctors repeatedly talked about it, but it was not investigated further. And after I came of age, I suddenly had flank pain (so back in the region where the kidneys sit).
    In the KH then a biopsy was made and found that I have a kidney disease (autoimmune disease). Since it was so from childhood on, they assume in retrospect that it is innate.
    Maybe you should just talk to your gyn about what it's all about. After all, the entire body changes during pregnancy.
    I keep my fingers crossed that it is nothing serious. But I guess the gyn would have said 1 word ...

  • reply - 9: Thanks for the info  
    Yes, as it is still the case, I will probably call it next week! Sometimes have the feeling that some doctors act only when the patient responds to something ...
    Best regards!
  • reply - 10: I also got it last time, but there are leukocytes ++ call tomorrow before you get ready and ask

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