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Short question - quick answer part 2


The other is full: D

Zum.letzten topic ... I'm also happy if I have the little belongings ♥ you will not want to give and as I said at home it is not synonymous anyway everything must do alone because no one is there except me ... I'm curious how that will be but no partner who helps me can do it that way.


  • reply - 1: @rabea

    That's exactly what I thought. The man delivers Sushi + gg + and everything else you can bring. Couple in the room I think it's not that bad. But opinions are also shared here, so I was curious to see what you said.
    And above all, it is not a little money .... if you see it purely economically ^^

  • reply - 2: Oh that's right, it's expensive. But that is once I find the oki: D Do not make xD every day
  • reply - 3: So I was after the KS the last time on a double room, where I only in the first night a mum was in the room with, the next day she was released and then I have no one to get to the room.  
    My son was with me 24 hours, I would not have given it. And even when he and the other baby gagged at night, the other one did not wake up.
  • reply - 4: Well, if you look in the old thread, it is a reverse situation for me. I get money if I do NOT go to the single room (class)!
  • reply - 5: Yes, I see that too. Is not really little. And it goes together. If the choice was in a 6 bed room or single room, I would really think twice. But for two? I would take the money. We all know how expensive baby stuff is. 
  • reply - 6: that is of course the optimal case. in the second room alone! Nevertheless, I imagine that it can also be an asset tlw, if even jmd with it!
  • reply - 7: Achjau I had completely overlooked ... crass O.O
  • reply - 8: cracking from the stomach

    before 34 minutes
    Hi, dear ones,
    Do you know that too, when it crackles with the child's movement? I'm just a little bit confused because of that and do not know what to think of it.

  • reply - 9: Had that before, listened as if you can crack the knuckles! I do not know what that means, but my belly dwarf keeps on kicking, so I do not even think about it
  • reply - 10: So I will go to the normal room. It is at most three days there and then you can get over it. I prefer to save extra money and buy my baby something nice: D

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