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Carrot porridge + parsnip or potato?


Good morning girls.
Customize your advice. Felix got carrot porridge this week and got on well with it. Now I have precooked for next week carrot + parsnip. Now I read everywhere, you should then make carrot + potato. Should I cook again or take the carrots / parsnips and add potatoes next week ?? Helpee !!! :-)))


  • reply - 1: Hello, I think carrot + potato is just a suggestion. Some start with parsnips too. That's why you can easily carrot + parsnip. Maybe potato only saturates better. But he still gets many milk meals a day, because he is then well looked after.
  • reply - 2: Super Thank you Monika for the answer. Now next week will give carrot and parsnip. :-)
    Thank you beautiful sunday best regards
  • reply - 3: Hello,

    As far as I read that and learned in my course, potato should be given because of the carbohydrates. Vegetables alone do not stop so much and do not give the child the necessary substances.
    And meat should be given at least every other day because of the iron.
    If you give a glass every day, if you cook yourself every second.

    If I were you, I would mix some potato with it.
    The pediatric nurse and my lactation consultant say in every conversation that three components of vegetables, potatoes and meat are very important for every meal.

    That should not sound know-it-all right now. I'm just telling you what I learned / read.

    LG Maria

  • reply - 4: Maria, but he still does not eat the amount that he gets full of. Just give him parsnip and carrot for the first time in the week and then potato in the next week. I would not mix potato with my own either because you do not know if he can not tolerate obs now on the potato or on the parsnip. every week just a new ingredient. I also gave carrot a week and then I had carrot + oil for a week, then the next week of freshly squeezed organic orange juice and then the next week of potato. So many wait two weeks until they add the next ingredient. the slower the gentler and he gets anyway afterwards mumi or bottle milk in the few grams he probably only eats. So no stress mona, give him carrot and parsnip, that fits. Achjaund meat can be given if he can handle the vegetables and the potatoes well. It's best to start with organic turkey or organic chicken. but you can also add grain instead of meat. Meat does not need to be so often. and in the cereals and vegetables is also iron, so I'd already do so synonymous o juice it pure.
  • reply - 5: Hello girls, dane for your answers.
    Yes, I will only in a week (or bissi later, let's see) potato and then add meat. Gradually. We are in no hurry.

    The little one has to get used to it, too.

    Best regards

  • reply - 6: Join me Chrissie - I also learned every week only a new ingredient, because otherwise you can not exclude, what the child can not stand. But you already write that you are in no hurry, so I would freeze the carrot / parsnip mush first or just give the first porridge without potato.

    My midwife has now told me that meat is enough twice a week ... especially if there is then the cereal porridge. But I think there are also different approaches.

  • reply - 7: Hello Mona,
    that's completely ok, if you feed the porridge for a week now. Meat should only be there from half a year, because then the iron stores are empty.
    But your Felix is ​​just as old as mine and then he still has 5 weeks until he is half a year. So you have all the time in the world now to give carrot + parsnip, then one of both with potato and then just meat.
    Incidentally, my pediatrician also said that it is enough to feed meat every 2 days.

    LG, Petra

  • reply Hello dear, we started two weeks ago with pure carrot and then with parsnips weiter.momentan there are both mixed and in two days is still potato to one of the two ingredients dazu.hat has worked very well and was no problem carrot and parsnips to mix.lg
  • reply - 9: hopefully the steam cooker will arrive quickly then I will cook too :) the jars did not really like jari.
  • reply - 10: hi mona, how did carrot + parsnip arrive? Did your little one like it? If so, I'll do that
    Me too, sure tastes better than carrot or parsnip with potato.

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