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How do I recognize a pregnancy 12 weeks after the puerperium?


Hello good evening,

I have a question and I have no idea where she actually belongs,

can not orientate me so on app via BabyCenter.
If there is already a round of discussion please add me there I have found no suitable on my situation and have just started a new post, I hoooofffffe someone can give me useful tips and experience.

My question is :
How do I recognize a pregnancy right after a birth? ) mwin Weekbed was as always only 4 weeks, then I had direjt sexually with my husband.

* I'm still full and therefore have, as with my first daughter, first NO period.
* At my first daughter I only got the first period after 6 months despite breastfeeding, then I was immediately pregnant!

Short important info:

just about 4 months ago (May 8, 2018) my 2 nd daughter gave birth to healthy natural white
(Weekbed duration 4 weeks)
And have for at least 2 weeks severe nausea and now and vomit. We do not prevent. My husband thinks I'm pregnant, but I can not believe it because I'm having a baby plus my almost 2 year old daughter. But so slowly I get ideas to be pregnant again, I have ubelkeiten as in a pregnancy, loss of appetite ... I am bad when I zb. The diapers of my daughter must change :-D
Does one know how to get it out on my own without going to the doctor?

Sorry it is very long and confused but I hope for good advice / experience.

Lg Nooreen / Maryam


  • reply - 1: if you do not use it you can be pregnant. From the doctor and let test
  • reply - 2: Yes I know we have nothing against it. Only I want to know how to calculate something like that yourself, which week you are or could be IF it is. I will go to the doctor next week but this week is a bit difficult.
  • reply - 3: Have you already done a pregnancy test? If not, I would do it first, and if it is negative just return a few weeks later. So we did it until he was positive again 
  • reply - 4: Oh that's nice, are you still pregnant or have you already given birth?  

    yes I did a test that was "negative".

    but do not laugh at me now, but is it normal that they have an ultra light 2nd red stroke? ....... even if it's really touchy touch fine.? In sunlight?

    Plus it may be that it shows positive when you breastfeed fully.? Should also give it. 

  • reply - 5: I'm in the 18th week now We could let it arrive a bit longer, until it worked out My son is now one and a half and he is due date a week before his 2nd birthday.
    Hmmmm, there are already some tests that show such a fine touch wrong, but that is always the case certainly not. There are also tests that remain snow-white.
    I would wait a few days and test again. If you are actually pregnant, the test would probably be clearer  
    I'm still silent and my tests were negative when I was not pregnant, even a few months after giving birth, when I was breastfed.
    I keep my fingers crossed that it comes as you wish!
  • reply - 6: Purchase an early test that indicates pregnant / not pregnant or the week. Then you do not have to guess strokes.
    Maybe just wait a few more days my first ones were negative even though I knew it.
    only in the 4th week it was indicated positively.
  • reply - 7: Ohman how exciting eh.  
    With my two daughters my 2 red lines from the test are always very late, so 6 ssw. Although I already knew from FA that I'm pregnant. I think I'll wait another week and do another test if I have not been able to run to the FA until then. I'm already a regular customer there  

    My two daughters have their 8th birthday so the first 8.12. the second on the 8.5 thus geeenau 1 year 5 months differed. My 2nd was even a "late spring" she was born in the 35ssw. Top fit and healthy. Thank God.

  • reply - 8: I'm happy for your SS, it's not so long ago with me so I still have that feeling in me as it was exhausting but every SS is uniquely beautiful and special of each child is completely different and special. I hope your baby will be well and sound. Do you already know what it is supposed to be? For me it was always said a boy then comb a little girl and with my second one did not know for a long time exactly what it was. First it was called but then just before birth, girl. What's out? Another princess. But I suspected both of them are probably because they have always randerliert in my stomach so but I always looked forward to both. At the age of 22, I feel very old now 
  • reply - 9: So there is no calculation method for my case.

    I hope my FA is not so full. That I will come there soon. Will finally be certain, everyone says I'm pregnant but I think somehow not .. Well ma wait ...

  • reply - 10: Unfortunately, I can not help you with your calculations. But if you're pregnant, doctors can figure it out by developing the embryo. My last pregnancy was also calculated that way. My hormone balance was still completely confused 10 months after the birth of my child and I was pregnant again wanted. Unfortunately, it was not clear when, as I had an irregular period and apparently again bleeding.
    I would advise to go to the doctor. Then you definitely have certainty

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