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Last night at arte gabs 3 interesting programs about pregnancy, birth, preemies.
The repetition can be viewed at arte on the homepage.


  • reply - 1: I also saw
  • reply - 2: me too
  • reply - 3: I want to watch this lunch I have also taken habs ^ ^
  • reply - 4: I also looked at it, my husband wanted to watch football but nothing because I defended my remote control
  • reply - 5: Well ... that's another report from a woman who was not yet pregnant herself or had a completely trouble-free pregnancy (yes, yes).

    With such phrases as: "Pregnancy is the new marriage" or uncommented leaving of treasures like: "We have to bring a little tardiness into the pregnancy ..." I'm just getting too much.

  • reply - 6: So I've looked at arte yesterday something about early .. There were yes 3 different programs in a row .. This was about early really interesting .. Although some cases were really blatant.
  • reply - 7: @ xel: the sentence "Being pregnant is the new marriage" also irritated me a lot. In another context, I would have let him apply smoothly.
  • reply - 8: This party was really cheesy and over drifted ^ ^
  • reply - 9: Well, that's what it was about, right? The difference to pregnancy in this day and age 30-40 years ago.
    Everything carefully weighed and planned. There are hardly any unwanted pregnancies ... at least not public, if it's teenies or social underclass .... that's how I feel about the media. And here in the forum I find a terrifying amount of things that point to total planning. There are in the ticker the data, how many cycles it takes to become pregnant ..... unimaginable even 30 years ago. There are star children listed .... where women 30 years ago did not even notice that they were pregnant ...... Times change, this is normal, but sometimes scary. This 12 weeks ---- fear --- thing was me z.Bsp. new before I read here in the forum ...... So I was not worried in any way and curious when I finally made the 12 weeks :-)
    I found it interesting to hear how others feel about it. Especially with the topic stroller as a fashion item and status symbol (no idea in which the Filma was that) I had to grin soooo and think of the differences of the individual here in the forum. Kitschig back and forth ... there are so many differences between people .... Age, origin, social class, education ..... it is clear that everyone sees such a pregnancy differently and feels.
    The most interesting I found the 2 men ..... of which I would like to have more input. How does a man experience the pregnancy of his wife?

  • reply - 10: Fortunately, woman is no longer a birthing machine (in many countries) and can look forward to the pregnancy and prepare for it. In the past many things were different and the woman was valued for her performance and the SS was a matter of course. What that all means to the woman and what her body and soul go through did not itch. Men of the least and those are the very ones who will be able to understand this on their own body.
    besides, many studies were not done and you did not know that gd exists and what it has to follow, and so on with many other things.
    In addition, I find it great that even prams can be a status symbol. If men can have cars and expensive watches as their status symbol, a mother can treat herself to this and other things.
    the problem of today's society is the envy and the fact that one can not do it better or has done better and then like to criticize others than to grab your own nose.
    Therefore, it is much easier to judge which kiwa jmd.fährt, whether the woman is breastfeeding, what kind of birth she has chosen, what car jmd drives, etc.
    Unfortunately there is a lack of tolerance in the society for others and it starts to rumzuhacken women who thank God finally take the right to enjoy the wonderful gift to be mother and intensify this, to deal with it, etc.
    And today, a woman, thank god, when she is pregnant, may also say this and rest without having to listen to the typical sentence: "It is not a disease!"

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