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Baby pulls up everywhere


Hall oils,
My little daughter has been crawling for about 2 weeks and now starts to pull herself up and even stands by herself, but she is only 7 months old and 3 weeks old.
Now I ask myself if I should help her to become more secure or watch more reserved that she does not hurt herself.
I think she is very young, what about the bone structure and her hips.
Does anyone have some tips for me?


  • reply - 1: Mine did that at 6 months, actually fell down a couple of times until he figured out how he had to go down but it did not hurt at all - except that from now on nothing was safe in the apartment :)) )
  • reply - 2: That's early, but some start earlier, some later. I think you do not have to worry about bones. If a baby does something on his own, that's ok. One should not only sit down babies, put down, etc., if they can not do it by themselves. Just have a nimble mouse! ;-)
  • reply - 3: Just let her do it. It determines the pace. My son started to pull himself up on the sofa when he was 8 months old. At 11 months, the first free steps came.
    Just look nothing spitzes or lying around, if it falls. Everything else she does herself :-)
  • reply - 4: I would just let them do it. My son also started very early I had to put away my glass table :)
    The first one is late at the other late :) much fun wait when she first starts to run :)

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