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  • reply - 1: The post here is a bit older, but I still answer it ...

    My friend and I practiced for about 2 years and it just never happened ... irregular cycle from 28 days to 9 months (without me being pregnant) was not necessarily conducive to "tucking in" at the right time ... I then go to the FA for ultrasound and blood sampling to control the values ​​... my FA said I have some cysts on the ovaries and after the blood test she told me I have too many male hormones ... so I could not get pregnant and I should first lose weight, then we continue to look what you could do ... it went some time since then and I put more weight despite sports, etc. and the hormones were not better ... and she gave me little hope to get pregnant naturally ...

    I informed myself on the internet about how best to regulate my cycle and make an ovulation and found monk pepper ... I took that about 3 months (more or less regular) and was soon pregnant :)

    Today, I enjoy my little son and I am glad that I have not heard all about my FA :)

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