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Come on, do not dare ... write with and belong!


So it turned out that there are some silent readers. I kindly ask you to write here. Here you have your own tread and just start a new one. I beg you dare. Told about your great kids, your sleepless nights and much more.


  • reply - 1: Then I'll just start! I am Vroni, 35 years old and my daughter Johanna is on 01.08. born. She is my first child. However, I still have a stepson who is 15 years old and has lived with us for 2 1/2 years.
    Although I am always enthusiastic about reading since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have struggled to write something. There were two reasons for this: 1. I can somehow not write any comments with my mobile and would therefore always have to "take extra" the laptop. I know, Schreeeeeecklich awkward and I'm sooooo lazy. 2. I am a terrible know-it-all, who knows all (and really ALL) better;) I would have scandalized some of them. But I still try to rauszukramen times the laptop and here time "appropriate" to participate;) Especially because someone wrote today that a forum consists of sharing experiences and not just to read.
    So, now I've written enough. Puhhhh ;-p
  • reply - 2: Oh yes: I have actually ordered the Oball now, after he was so much praised here. I hope I will not be disappointed;)
  • reply - 3: Vroni, great idea that you write the reason for your silence.
  • reply - 4: I started running today and bought it myself.
    Where did you order it? And how much is paid?
    In amazon is the one I bought for 15 in it. I bought mine with us in drogeriemarkr for 9
  • reply - 5: We have had it for a few weeks (the rattle Oball) and are very excited
  • reply - 6: Are you allowed to write active ones? I'm not really active. So half active or how to call something like that xd
  • reply - 7: Then I'll continue:
    My name is Kathrin, 30 years old, I'm married and Hanna is our first child! She was born on 09.08. and she is the best that could happen to us!
    So far, I've been rather quieter, which was because I really only "discovered" the forum very late, at the end of my pregnancy. Well, everyone had been active for so long and knew each other ...
    Had not even thought before, that I find such a forum interesting!

    I think it would be, even if so far active would write here :)

  • reply - 8: Have the very simple, so without rattle etc, ordered at Amazon for 5.99 ¬. That's how Johanna can learn how to grab it. And if that gets boring, I can always put something in there, which makes the ball more interesting.
  • reply - 9: So, I want to :-). Les from time to time with and write rather unfortunately rare. Reason is, that I'm almost only in the evening times to read or write, because I have to do with my three children (3,2 and 2 months) have their hands full. Yes, and otherwise, I'm young 33 years old and I'm from Austria!
  • reply - 10: Hello I am Mandy 25 years and married. My son Bastian came on 30.08. into the world, which was 5 weeks too early, so i landed in augustclub and found it very nice to read here. I just did not really dare to write here. I also got this oball, after I read it here :-)

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