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Lower blows / blows O_O


Hello girls,

Who is the same?

I'm so scared.
Since yesterday I have Senkwehen and I feel it because I already have a pregnancy behind me. ;)

The stomach is hard and it is already painful, so I have to stop when it happens.
This morning my ball had slipped even lower.
As if it happened overnight.

I'm only in the 33rd SSW.
Normal would be 4-5 weeks before birth.

However, my daughter also came 1 week earlier.


  • reply - 1: I've had the very bad synonymous ..
    At night (after sex) it's really real every 3 min .. with belly hard and pretty pressure. Over 2 hours.
    Before s then worried me, I hb gscheit magnesium taken .. the hats calmed ..
    Vl will help you too?
    A cozy final spurt still ;-)

  • reply - 2: Nope, with the forwards magnesium? Because I push the birth so only further away.

  • reply - 3: I blew 2 hours ago the day before yesterday (?). Is my first pregnancy, so I'm not so sure. But could not lie, had to run around and in between Wenns wild was also supported ud and breathe. My bitch did not give me a millimeter off the page had what she was constantly running after me and looking worried. After 2 hours I was fed up, my husband was worried and ran after me with the stopwatch. I then put in the tub and there went well. After 15 minutes, everything was tutti and calm again and I was finally able to sleep. I also told my doctor today. Gmh has probably shortened, but still fine as she says. The whole thing was very exciting but also beautiful ... so slowly it's the finale zwergi should still be a bit in there but would have nothing against it when he comes 2 weeks earlier 
  • reply - 4: 2 weeks earlier I am in favor!

    Sagging come for a few days ... doing their job, bringing the child down lower.
    And then they disappear again.
    This usually happens 4-5 weeks before.

    Just wait and see!  

  • reply - 5: Hello dear ones, so now I have to ask synonymous times .. Tonight I was also constantly awake because I suddenly could not lie .. I've always pulled left .. pulled right but on the whole stomach side .. on the back it was also unbearable, so I really upright for half an hour .. even now my stomach is constantly tight .. but the pulling has stopped. .this is my second pregnancy but I can not remember that this was the case with the first one. Are that sinking? Am also only 32 + 3 therefore the right appears to me early?
  • reply - 6: I'll miss it. HERE have since Monday Senkwehen, can hardly pee make and bowel movements hurts so much that I have the feeling my child flutters out the same, today I'm 31 + 3/32 Ssw. I also read, that it usually takes place in the 36 Ssw, allegedly from the Senkwehen there are still 4 weeks until birth I am totally in the wind, since today it is slow again, belly is also slipped lower.
  • reply - 7: So for me it's not a pull, just a cramp in the whole abdomen.
    Like labor, but not so strong.
  • reply - 8: I'm 30 + 4 and it started with 3 years ago with the Senkwehen! Now when I hear that there are only 4 weeks to go, I get a bit scared Mäuschen is already in SL and I have extreme pressure down. The cervix is ​​and is closed, but the FA said there is a lot of pressure on it 
  • reply - 9: Do not worry ... Have been a few days again and again so funny cramps on the lower abdomen, thought so far comes from the effort or it is the mother tapes again.
    But many are already talking to me that the belly is deeper -
    I'm only 30 + 0   
    FÄ nix said at the investigation yesterday ...
  • reply - 10: I had the day before yesterday at regular intervals a hard belly all day long. That was very uncomfortable. Then I took magnesium and it got better.
    It's really unusual if you have to breathe so early. Because you do not really feel the foreboding, except for the hard belly or just a pull. But if the gynecologist says nothing, then it will be so.
    When the second child, it should also happen that it lowers shortly before birth ... Yes, we wait for it. Is really different for everyone.

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