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Hi wanted to hear some opinions from when you got in the maxi cosi or car seat the newborn pillow out. and 2. when do you change your baby carriage from bowl to sports seat or what do you call it? stop without a flat rate. thought so in March, then my little half year old.


  • reply - 1: I had to take out the pillow after 1 1/2 months, I think, because our son was too big. He can not stay long in the bag of the buyer's car. Will too big. Think in a month I have to change. Then he is almost 6 months old.
  • reply - 2: We have not had the newborn since December since it was too tight. The baby bath from the stroller fits for a while, but also bought an extra large one. We will also use them until she can sit fairly independently.
  • reply - 3: the newborn use of the Maxi Cosi we have not been in it for ages, it also slowly outgrows the MC in width but a child seat may only be used when the child can sit free, that can be with half a year or also much later, so you have to take the baby bowls.

    My tub from the KiWa is already very small and will not fit long, to rebuild the buggy you should only then, when the child sits stable free. I will take out the tub, buy me a mattress extension and a matching mattress and then she has room again in the KiWa.

  • reply - 4: Hello Taja, we have the Sitzverkleinerer in the MC also taken out very early because he sat by his size only crooked. Plug left and right next to the head always so gauze towels so that it is not jerky back and forth wobbles too much. Otherwise we use NOCH the Liegeschale aufm on the stroller. But it is also scarce. But as long as he still sleeps well in it, we use this as long as he fits in. Otherwise, we usually use the Manduca for walking. The MC is unfortunately running low, the babies are allowed to sit in there only as long as the head does not stick out over the shell, then you should switch to the next seat, but he may not yet sit: /

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