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what about sex?


Mäddels ... I'm interested, as it is with you, since the pregnancy in sex life looks like ... Of course, not everyone must be willing to write on this topic ... but ... I start:

I have a great friend our sex life was before pregnancy..I say normal ... 3-4-5 times sex a week ... since I'm pregnant ... well..I am somehow frigid ... : - (... my nausea comes in the evening, I do not feel so much relish :-)) ...
my friend understands ... does not push me ... but ... is it normal ??

I read that sex is very good for the pregnancy .. I orgasm .. because the uterus is well supplied with blood ...

I hope that in a few weeks I will again get lust in sex ... and if not ???? : - (((


  • reply - 1: Hello, Irinchen! So I have to say I feel the same. Have at the moment really little desire and also slight pain during sex. Thankfully my husband understands that - but I hope it will get better someday. I'm missing somehow ...

    best regards

  • reply - 2: Hey, I'm from the April Club .. The first 3-4 months, I had no desire at all .. My friend has understood but .. Since then it is more and more * g so it comes to any case again; ) am now 8 months and could sometimes 2-3 times a day * g is already, do not worry!
  • reply - 3: ah lilvy ... :-))), I had to laugh so much !!! Thanks for the hope! :-))

  • reply - 4:

    Well, I had to lie in the first SS all the time because of imminent FG and we had no sex. So it was almost 1 year break. We have survived well and have made up for it all over time.

    Since we know that I am, my husband keeps far away from me. We both are afraid that something can go wrong. At the moment I do not feel like it, but if the desire returns again, then it will not be busy with us, just because of fear. I take blood-thinning drugs and risk of bleeding is very high. So what you do not do anything to get a baby and renouncing sex is not the worst thing that can happen.

  • reply - 5: Do not worry that will come back as lilvy has already said and then you have a lot of fun on it;) However, it is then always difficult to have sex, the bigger the belly is :(
  • reply - 6: In our case that has also decreased a lot. Had before the pregnancy so synonymous 3-5 times a week sex. Since I am pregnant, I have always light bleeding and in the beginning also a ban on having sex. Meanwhile, but that's not why I feel so very much. Not so that I do not want to, but I'm usually too tired ;-) I'm looking forward to it when it gets better! :-)
  • reply - 7: Hm so we had a super great sex life before the SS. Well because of bleeding etc. We have now been banned for 4 weeks. : / However, there are also other nice Dine and there I come to my question, if there is already such a thread ^^ ...

    After the orgasm I have recently more severe pain in the abdomen, which always stop after 1-2 minutes, but make me thoughtful.

    Do you know that? Is the Vllt a cramp that is normal during a ss? a protective mechanism? Or should I just prefer to do without "everything"?

  • reply - 8: Hello Nyu!

    So I feel the same, because I have a sex ban from the doctor but also including orgasm ;-)

    Where did your bleeding come from?
    Evtl the GM cramped a little later ...

    In my case, it makes sense to give up, because the O. ensures that the GM is better blood circulation, and contracting meanwhile, is not synonymous beneficial: - /

  • reply - 9: I found an ectopia. why do you have the prohibition. So well, she just said "please no sexual intercourse" I have then rather referred to the fact that it would come through the internal contact with the penis to bleed and therefore did not think that she means the orgasm included. : / now I'm worried.
  • reply - 10: In ectopia, I think that's different.
    Do not worry!!

    I have a hematoma and for a blood collection of this kind, the action in the uterus is not beneficial :-)

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