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changes, ailments, and everything that awaits us;)


I thought I would start a new tread

Here we can write in what we all notice so changes such as: how the body changes, with what ailing we rumplagen, or even if you do not have, please tell with pleasure;) and even what else is coming to us! !!!


  • reply - 1:

    so I start right now !!!!!!!

    I've just bought the first nursing bra, I hold out my nimma, firstly they are (and now already) too small, and secondly, I'm thinking, why now buy a umstandsbh if I then need quietly bh's!

    So I intend to breastfeed, obs works? take a look !!!!!!

    if I already have bigger breasts, how is the dan until the end of the ss ?? or at rest?

    it gets a little bit better with being sick, but I'm still exhausted all the time and with the cycle I'm in the saddle !!!!!

    how are you??

  • reply - 2: It may be that after birth you still need 1 to 2 cup sizes larger bra, my have exploded ... Really huge they were at the beginning of the nursing time!
  • reply - 3: Hey, I think it's great that you open the thread!
    I have hardly any complaints. My chest hurts, very much and even my bras are already scarce. Wear only the most comfortable. Have to worry how huge my breasts still be :-(
    Otherwise, I wake up punctually between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning and have to go to the bathroom, I did not have that before. And my digestion is not working so well anymore, I have a bloated stomach.
    That's it :-) fine that your nausea slowly subsides!
  • reply - 4: Mädls ... I had the breasts out of concern and thought where does that lead? Ggg But then remained the same, I started early with the H & M Still Bras, because they were more comfortable. Unfortunately, breastfeeding did not work for us :-(
  • reply - 5:

    oh God again 1-2 Körbchen larger
    !! Well I hope that I come to miniwu

    yes that with the digestion I know !! Often have such colic !! try to eat a balanced diet so as not to offend the digestive system, but at the moment it is almost impossible !!!!

    I have to go to the toilet every now and then

  • reply - 6: If this works then the diarrhea is often even greater, especially if the milk is injected on the second to third day after birth
  • reply - 7: Stand up for melons gg
    Started at 90C
    In the SS then 100D
    Lactation 100F


  • reply - 8: Yeah, for me it was 75B before, ss 80C and stillbh then 85 ° C
  • reply - 9: Omg sheep, where do you get bhs in these sizes?!? Already have 85c .... help!
  • reply - 10: Bonprix;)

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