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Congratulations to the birth


So after the first baby is there and of course we all look forward to :) there should also be a corresponding thread :)


  • reply - 1: Congratulations on the birth love li2306 !!
  • reply - 2: Congratulations on the birth, dear Ii2306!
    I wish you all the best and that the little one is still doing well and growing :)
  • reply - 3: From me all the best and that the little man is also very good outside of the stomach developed! 
  • reply - 4: love li2306
    All the best for you and the little man wish you a lot of strength ...
  • reply - 5: It's a really weird feeling that the first October baby is already here ...
    Dear li2306 I wish you all the best and much strength
  • reply - 6: All love and a warm welcome to the world the little man  
    A lot of power for you and your family. I keep my fingers crossed that sweetness is developing and thriving so he can get home with you quickly.

    best regards

  • reply - 7: Congratulations on the birth. I wish you a lot of strength and little pain and that the little man quickly gets used to our world out here.

    dear, feli

  • reply - 8: Congratulations on the birth .. I wish you all the luck in the world ..
  • reply - 9: Congratulations to the birth !! Much strength and patience and that the little one adapts quickly and well !! :)
  • reply - 10: I was hoping that there would not be a baby so fast.
    But my heartfelt congratulations and all the best for your little man and for you.

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