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Good evening everyone,
I do not know what to do. For three days my baby just wants to sleep on me even at night. Only the thing is that it is not because I am with him moved into the living room. And if he can not sleep at night or by his screaming himself awake, I try to stroke it with head first and say * mum is here * it is 98% not enough. I have to take it out and put it on me that he sleeps. Now it happened twice that I fell asleep with him on the couch. What can be really dangerous. Now I was told a) he has become accustomed to it (which I can not quite imagine as it has everything worked out well with a bottle be asleep bed) b) irhendetwas must have happened to him bad that he will not leave want from mum
My problem is person a says I should let him scream (which is absolutely not my case) person b means I should put him on my mattress at night only the is not just thick and the ground cold. I absolutely do not know what to do I do not want to scream and he should not get sick but he should not fall off of me if we were lying on the couch would not at all nice. Do you have any tips what I can do ???? The little man becomes very strong in three days 8 months old and I am so single parent. I thank you in advance.


  • reply - 1: Lay the mattress with the slatted frame on the floor, then the floor cold does not pull up. We have been sleeping like this for a long time and the little one is very healthy.
  • reply - 2: My daughter also has such phases. So does not mean that something bad has happened to your little one. Would also put the mattress with slatted on the floor and give him the closeness he just needs.
  • reply - 3: Fremdeln and possibly a growth spurt or "jump" as in the book (or the app) "oh dear, I grow", could be the reason that he needs you very grad.
  • reply - 4: mine also has such phases times 2-3days times 2 weeks.
    I sh ... what others say u. give her what she needs.
    I sleep with her in the guest bed with Rausfallschutz. I have already slept with Madratze on the floor in front of your bed. I just ... it does not matter. Listen to your mom feeling that knows what's the best !!!

    All the best....

  • reply - 5: Listen to your heart. Mine is also 8 months old and sleeps during the day exclusively on me since he was born. At night I can just put it next to me, but during the day I have no chance. Thus, unfortunately, I have no time for me and my people tell me all I spider, but bring it not over my heart to make him scream .....
    All the best
  • reply - 6: Mine slept only on me for the first 4 months, I put my breastfeeding pillow around my elbows and slept like that.
    Yours, it could really be a boost because they are really very affectionate. But that's over. And if you look at the time you really need and depend on one, it's pretty short. Do not think that he will sleep in you say 1 year is still on you.
    Please do not let others tell you what you should do for you have u.a. your mom instinct. </>
    All the best to you
  • reply - 7: Here are the phases from the book Oje ich wax. Please do not think that it must be accurate so it can be a little earlier or a little later. Sometimes maybe not so bad. There are other reasons why you are whining. Mine is currently in a thrust and gets teeth and that is unpleasant but I know it's over.
  • reply - 8: My little one also used to sleep on me during the first time, even in the parents' bed at night. I have to say honestly, it was such a nice feeling to be so needed and loved by this little wonder:,) passes way too fast. At some point she did not want to go by herself anymore. At night also went to my breast to breastfeed.
  • reply - 9: Thanks for your kind advice. It sometimes unsettles one because it's just been professionals who told me. I did not let him scream that I'm definitely against the stroke. He sleeps on me during the day even if we have the possibility. There is nothing better and that's why I can fill up with energy. It may be that everything is coming at the moment. Since the upper teeth are there, he stops biting and grows very fast. I found out he loves to sleep on his stomach he sleeps since he was born only on me or next to me. He sleeps wonderfully without me having to make him scream :-) Thanks again for your help :-)

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